‘Start Here’: House prepares to vote on impeachment and Boeing to suspend 737 Max production

Here’s what you need to know to start a new day.

This is a Tuesday. 17, 2019. Let us start from here.

1. Vote to impeach

Because the house is expected tomorrow to vote on whether to impeach President Donald Trump, a new ABC News/Washington Post survey has found the country’s sub-topics with 49% in favour, 46%against.

Seven in 10 Americans also said the President should be allowed his top aides to testify in the Senate trial on the impeachment charges against him, but according to ABC News’Trish Turner on the”start here”today, it is still unclear whether this test will include any of the witnesses.

“It’s really hard to say what’s going to happen here…but what is really happening behind the scenes, as we understand, from our report, is the White House is warming to the idea of a short trial of few, if any, witnesses,”she said.

2. Boeing to stop production

Boeing has announced that it will suspend production of its 737 MAX jets in two fatal crashes.

“This is unprecedented,”ABC News senior transport correspondent David Kerley to speak to the podcasts. “Never before have we seen Boeing close the line when the entire fleet of aircraft is the manufacturing ground.”

The company said that no layoffs or furlough, or expected, because of the decision, but the thousands of workers may be re-assigned or work to maintain the storage of the aircraft retained.

3. On or off?

The Democratic presidential candidates are threatening to boycott, Thursday’s debate in Los Angeles there are more than a labor dispute, because they swore not to”cross a picket line.”

“This is a bold, brazen move by the Union to picket the threat right in front of the debate, but it plays to a Democratic priority,”ABC News Deputy Executive Director of MaryAlice Parks said.

4. Homeless ruling

The Supreme Court has decided to leave out the court ruling, the Prohibition of criminal proceedings for homeless people living on the streets.

ABC News chief national correspondent Matt Gutman to break the ruling’s impact on Los Angeles and other cities are trying to solve the homeless the growing population.

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In other places:

‘The curved support ISIS’: Connecticut man was arrested this weekend as he prepares to flee the United States to join ISIS, Federal authorities said.

‘Endangered’: Authorities are desperately searching for two children missing last weekend in Jacksonville, Florida.

‘She hit the life: As politicians and local leaders gathered in Manhattan’s Morningside Park on Sunday the sadness of University first-year who was stabbed to death in there, they swear to honor the young women’s lives and a safe return to a local Park.

‘Furious and shaken’: Jewellery believed to be worth several billion dollars stolen from the House of British billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone in London after she left home for the Christmas holidays.

From our friends at FiveThirtyEight:

‘Why the Democratic Party shifted left over the past 30 years: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders still sitting on top of the national polls. This is the obvious left-leaning shift in the Democratic Party, the real? If Yes, what is driving it?

Take off your cap:

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The network behind the hit Canadian TV show, popular TV, shared a photo of John Kara more who is the next knees in front of his partner, Jonathan Chiara, Simon, in New York City stores.

He said:”Yes,”Kara more Freehand see Instagram with three heart emoticons.

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