‘SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

As a pink,rock living starfish once said,”growing is boring.”

With The Powerpuff Girls In the TV and a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my side, I decided to have a clearance of SpongeBob Squarepants your bikini bottom water The morning weeks. Easy to play this makeover my(proper yellow color)Nintendo Switch the Lite instead of a clumsy Game 2 promises a comfortable and beneficial nights nostalgia of a I, at 24,is designed to take full advantage. I bathed in the updated graphics, revel in the improved mechanism, and rejoice in the commitment of many people to the content. I want to play to I want to stop, not because some adult told me that I have. I just want to say that I Really Imagine this game.

Rehydrated Hit a shiny new coat—villain—in a game in need of some serious help is interesting in 2020.

But less than a week later, we have to make the painful decision to leave the bikini battle itself. Not because of the weight deviate too far from the source material I loved as a child or contains too much of the recent literature adult I just don’t get, but because Rehydrated Slap a shiny new aesthetic and the villain—in a game in need of some serious help is interesting in 2020.

For a nice meatloaf, but…worse.

Expansion to large-scale civilization of the responsible for Northern Europe in 2020 taken in the 2003 Nick some Mature start strong. To reflect the SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy, the players wander through the iconic SpongeBob Scene to solve the puzzles, collect the Golden shovel and fight the army of evil robots to bring the continuous exhausting of the plankton. The graphics are a big step from their early aughts origin, appears more active, colorful and detailed comprehensive. Your adventure takes you to the goo lagoon, jellyfish field, the bottom, the Mermalair, and more. Along the way, you received the task from Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Gary, and a hodgepodge of other identify the Bikini Bottom residents.

Lifetime SpongeBob Fans, this is an interactive VIP tour of your favorite early series of memories, right down to the original sound effect. Help Larry fix his TV antenna? A happy. Assisting Mrs. blow find the eleven(???) The steering wheel? A happy. The toe-to-tentacle with the king of jellyfish to yourself? An honor! Giggling online I forget and throw in the world of television come to life, I love every moment Rehydrated‘s sea nonsense—until it starts to feel like work. Just like the”what I learned boating school…”level Work.

I imagine you so, so much.

I imagine you so, so much.

Rehydrated Or not The Battle of Bikini Bottom There are two main problems that prevent it from being properly enjoy. First, the mechanism, while creative, lack of flexibility and accuracy needed to make the platform fun. Of course, you can swing with the sand of the Lasso, hit the target with Patrick never-ending supply of watermelon, solve all types of tasks with SpongeBob dandy bubble wand. Unfortunately, switching between characters is awkward, because once(you also need these poles/portal thing, there appeared to be zero the game logic), and killed, because you deployed the wrong avatar is a frustrating thing in common.

A Humpty Dumpty exercise of the way of the investigation I just don’t like like I once did.

What is worse, some combination of action seems to overload the game’s technical infrastructure. I was forced to restart the entire program when sand accidentally froze the air, and faced similar failure when close to the arena edge, with SpongeBob. Spontaneously into the inner walls become a regular step in my underwater collection of Marathon, an annoying reality, by exploring more difficult. Even when I want to take the leap of faith to some platforms is the right move, probably, I might lose all my progress do not accidentally give the game world is maddening.

Second, the game design is the narrative, which is largely dependent on the use of the transmission, from the target object through the”taxi”is a Humpty Dumpty exercise of the way of the investigation I just don’t like like I once did. Is the emergence of a open map to explore is one thing, but aimlessly trying to find a task you’ve earned all the abilities to complete, is another. More than once I had to go to 2003, the walkthrough to figure out, I tried on a Golden shovel to retrieve the intention later to the story. Of course, I don’t want to completely restructuring the game, but a resource to clarify its destination, you have the executable of the effort will go a long way—the color-coded, labeled, random, Anything. Otherwise, you get the card to ping-pong between the levels, and looking for a new assignment to complete, which is about as fun as it sounds.


Young players eager to enjoy a SpongeBob The game Rehydrated Is an obvious miss. It is the land of the Union is less than its modern competitors did not provide enough of the franchise’s fun to play the game even more fun than watching the show. For older players, this could be a valuable outing in nostalgia, but this is unlikely to take you beyond a session or two. Seasoning sauce.

SpongeBob Squarepants your bikini bottom water is now available to play Nintendo Switch, Ps4, Xbox Onethat Computer.

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