Spicy peanut Brussels sprouts tacos are a vegetarian meal, we want it now

You know, cooking is one of my biggest passion, but Even I There is my limit.

After 3 weeks of preparing Breakfast, lunch and dinner for our family of four almost every day while we hide at home, I have to admit, my creative ideas start to dry up. Especially when a new component is limited, last minute grocery run is not there.

That is to say, this time at home Also Filled with great meals, since many of us must forward it seems every day including the start day of pancakes, or pour a glass of Pinot Noir wine, or gather around the dining table on something really nourishing. We’ve been eating a lot of tacos in the meantime, it may be because we always get beans, rice and tortillas on hand, but also because there is something about a good Mexican hit places nothing else.

I’ve continued to cook a lot of plant-based dinner, and now even more so, because all our fish and meat is basically from the freezer. These Brussels sprouts tacos is my most successful hormone experiments, we quarantine to date-even Adam said that he”did not miss the meat,”and the spicy peanut sauce crushed avocado make those feel really great.

Even better, they use cabbage, radishes, and onions: three vegetables that can last literally Week When stored properly(Brussels and radishes in the produce drawer of the fridge, onions in a dark point in the kitchen.) As we shared before, Good Kitchen meals rely on the vegetables, either frozen or hearty enough to last a long time—like these, or almost any root vegetable.

The secret to these tacos was the sauce: the peanut butter is a stealth super hero needs the rest of the ingredients and turns them into something addictive. The recipe makes about 1 1/4 cups of sauce so you will have some extra, but if you Do Decided to double it, you will not regret it. Use it to make a stir fry, drizzle in a spring roll bowl or mixed with a little vinegar or extra lemon juice and so that you to salad dressing all of the circumference.

Scroll through the recipe, I’d love to hear in the comments how you are getting creative in your kitchen ingredient this week!

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