Some drug combinations to shorten the coronal, French researchers say

Researchers in France published a statement detailing how the combination of anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics is probably one of the vital weapons of the struggle of the coronavirus.

The researchers ‘ work has gained global attention, especially from the President of the ACE. The researchers prescribed hydroxychloroquine anti-malarial and antibiotics azithromycin patient earlier this month, according to the study, published in the International Journal of antimicrobial agents.

In a statement released Sunday, the IHU-Mediterranean infection in Marseille, describe the treatment Protocol for COVID-19 patients. “Treatment with Hydroxy-Chloroquine combination(200 mg x3 a day for 10 days)+azithromycin(500 mg, 1 day then 250 mg daily for 5 days), as part of the precautions for the use of the Association(including a electrocardiogram in D0 and D2),”they write, in the translated statement. “In the case of severe pneumonia, broad-spectrum antibiotic is also used.”

Cov of anti-malarial drugs and antibiotics may shorten the COVID-19, researchers say

“We believe that it is immoral, this Association should not be systematically included in therapeutic trials for the treatment of COVID-19 infection in France,”the researchers added.

In the abstract of the research study, the researchers noted that patients”showed a significant reduction in viral transport,”six days later, treatment with two drugs, and”a much lower average carrying duration,”compared to untreated patients.

The untreated patients included in the study as negative control. Six patients in the study were asymptomatic, and 22 have upper respiratory tract infection symptoms and eight had lower respiratory tract infection symptoms. The researchers treated 20 case studies.

Chloroquine:how do you know about the potential of the coronavirus treatment

“Hydroxychloroquine&doxorubicin together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game-changer in the history of Medicine,”published the President of the ACE on Saturday.

Pratt urged the immediate use of combinations of drugs.

“The food and drug has been moved a mountain-thank you! I hope they will both(H work better with a International Journal of antimicrobial agents)….. To be put in use immediately. People are dead, move quickly, and may God bless everyone!”

REMDESIVIR:what to know about the potential of the coronavirus treatment

In an interview on”Fox and Friends”Friday morning, Dr. Mehmet Oz said he was optimistic about the French study data. “These drugs are very effective in reducing viral loads in human coronavirus, COVID-19,”oz explained. “We could actually make this virus acts more like a virus, if it is true.”

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As of Sunday afternoon, at least 318,662-Cov cases are diagnosed worldwide 27,004 which is in the United States, the disease has accounted for at least 13,662 deaths in the world, including 347 people in the United States

The Associated Press reported this article.

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