Some basic reading and research on competition and technology

In this extraordinary moment in American history, the evil of racism in full display. It’s no secret that technology has played a role, to make incitement to racism and spread. This is an ideal time to read, listen and learn. Below are many resources, studies, articles and books—to speak to the intersection of race and prejudice in the art, particularly in the field of AI. This is a starting point for education, and all responsible citizens should be obtained.

Gender color–a landmark work from the Joy Buolamwini Dr. Timnit Gebru Dr. Helen Reiner and Deborah Raji, to explore how facial recognition systems to perform the different gender and race.

Represent the delete–a spoken word piece, which was the inspiration for the research, led by Allison Koenecke, described how five popular speech recognition system performs the worst on the African American language of English.

AI is now counting the accountability of the policy tools of resource from the AI Now Institute”for advocates interested in learning about the government using the computing system”, each organization’s website.

The NIST study evaluates the impact of race, age, gender on face recognition software to submit the report of the National Institute of standards and technology(NIST), part of the United States Chamber of Commerce.

StereoSet: measuring the bias of the language model of the work, from the Massachusetts Institute of technology,”measures of racism, sexism and other discriminatory behaviour mode, while ensuring that the basis of the language model performance is still strong.”

Authentication system: gender, race and power in the AI–research from artificial intelligence and now the review of the scope and scale of the biodiversity crisis.

Future work in black America report, McKinsey & Company, to see how automation can expand the wealth gap between African-American families and white families in the United States.

Promoting racial literacy in technical work from a data and social projects by Dr. Jessie Daniels, Mutale Nkonde, Dr Darakshan Mir explains why”ethics, diversity in hiring, and implicit bias training is not enough”to establish the true racial literacy new technologies in the world.

Machine bias–a Pro Publica article that revealed how to predict the algorithm in the criminal justice system biased against blacks.

Technical elite, the meritocracy, and the postracial myth of Silicon Valley book Chapter. Safiya Noble and Sarah Roberts explores”some of the ways discussed Silicon Valley’s technocratic elite to strengthen the investment of nationalism under the pretext of re-integration of capital, against the public policy of commitment to end discriminatory labor practices,”per the summary.

Some of the key books on the subject of race and technology, including Algorithm of oppression Dr. Safiya Noble, After the game technical By Ruha Benjamin Color: race, technology and everyday life By Alondra Nelson Race, rhetoric and technology Dr. Adam J. Banks, and Artificial Unintelligence: how to computer a misunderstanding of the world Meredith Broussard.

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