Sneezes take on a whole new context in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Just so rude.

Just so rude.

Pictures: kellen Baker/mashup/Nintendo

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And self-isolation in the comfort of your home, maybe you have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons Relax and distract yourself from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Maybe you catch some fish or bugs, go idyllic little island you call home. Maybe you run into a neighbor and chat with them. Maybe have a look to you, calling your name, run to you, and then sneeze right in your face.

It seems we can’t escape the disease even in the Animal Crossing.

So, why would this happen? In the game,a variety of villagers will randomly go to the player to teach them a new way of expression. Sometimes they will do a laugh, a shocked face, or sometimes they’ll sneeze right on. After they show it to you, then you can do it yourself as long as you want.

In the normal case, resulting in sneezing Animal Crossing Will be just another fun little interaction, but in COVID-19 outbreak, it has a completely different connotation.

I was sneezed in the game a few days ago, and has been sneezing on visitors to my island as a small joke. It is a harmless sneeze.

The other player has used the sneeze reaction to sneezing on each other too much, but not everyone feels as lightheartedly about.

If you turn around and sneezing on your animal neighbors, they will be the reaction of a slight shock face but that’s it. Fortunately, the virus is not In fact Present in the game, but your neighbors can still get the disease and can be cured with a bag of Medicine.

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