Set of workers vote to unionize

Labor organizations to obtain much-needed foothold in the tech world Tuesday after workers at the online Fund-raising platform Assembly narrowly voted to unionize.

Long-term and public organizations fighting in the company eventually pay for the Pro-Union employees, there are 46 voting in favor of joining the Office of the professional staff of the League of Nations and 37 voted against. Prohibits any legal challenge from the concentration, the parties will now begin negotiating a first contract.

Unions have a tough time to build up between members of the white-collar technical workers, and therefore the set of activities to draw maximum advantage of its relatively small workforce. All have declined to voluntarily recognize the Union, as well as some of the workers accused the company of retaliation for Pro-Union employees.

In a brief interview following the election, and set the CEO Abdulaziz Hassan told The Huffington Post that he and others are looking forward to open a new page on the plot and focus on the company funding the mission. The Brooklyn-based collection of work, he noted that”small”and”tight”, with a staff of about 145 people.

“I’m really just happy that we have a resolution and here the staff can move forward in certainty. That’s what is driving me to today with the team,”Hasan said.

The vote is close enough, there are five sets more workers to vote against organizing a Union would have sunk the effort. OPEIU says it is proud to establish”the first trade Union for technology workers in American history,”and it made a broader appeal to other industrial organization.

“I am very pleased by this result,”Dannel Jurado, a set of senior software engineer, said in a statement from the Alliance. “There is still a long way to go, but this is a first step to sustainable future of technology, I and many others want to see.”

The Union will represent the set of engineers, designers, analysts, and customer support specialists, among other staff, with a bargaining unit of around 85 people.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, former employees set Clarissa Redwine claims that she Fired Because of her Union activities. Slate reports that another coalition of supporters, Taylor Moore also is Termination At about the same time. Denied firing revenge.

In the Twitter Line on Tuesday, Redwine so-called Coalition to win the elections”one of the best emotions in the world.”

As labor disputes become public, and are soon faced an uprising from the progressive”project creators”who raise funds from donors on the site. Nathan J. Robinson,editor-in-chief of the Lefty magazine of current Affairs, told The Huffington Post last fall, relying on the set into a”Poison“Due to the company’s anti-Union.

Now the progress will be able to raise funds on the know the platform of the Workers ‘ Union representatives.

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