See AI-controlled virtual warplanes shot at an Air Force pilots August 18th


Department of Defense Research Projects Agency held a second trial in January of this year and opposing participants greatly improved algorithm for AI hostile to the development of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. These two trials respectively, in the custodian APL.


The third trial will be leaving the APL, and with eight teams to the Flight Lab of the AI enemy algorithm in the first days and then for every other round of the tournament second. This is the first time the participants have to resist their approval against one another in public. On the last day, the four AIs will compete in a single knockout championship title. The last team standing will get the opportunity to fly an Air Force fighter pilot control of a virtual aircraft.

Col. Dan”animal”Javorsek, project managers in the Defense Research Projects Agency’s Strategic Technology Office, said in a statement:

“Regardless of whether the person or machine to win the final melee, AlphaDogfight test is all about increasing confidence. If the champion of the AI to win the respect of an F-16 pilot, we will have come a step closer to achieve effective person-machine combination in air combat, it is the goal of the ACE project.”

The team from Aurora aviation science, EpiSys Science, Georgia Institute of technology, Heron Systems, Lockheed Martin, Perspecta laboratory, PhysicsAI and SoarTech of the eight participants in trial 3. Interested audiences will have the first thought of you: our citizens have until August 17th to sign, while others have until August 11th.

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