‘Scrubs’ actor Sam Lloyd has died at the age of 56

Sam Lloyd, best known as the sad-sack lawyer Ted Buckland on the ShrubsDead Friday. He is 56 votes.

The actor has been diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2019, each Weekly entertainmentJust a few weeks after his wife, Vanessa, gave birth to their first child. At that time, doctors found an inoperable tumor in his brain.

Lloyd, who is the nephew of Back to the future Stars Christopher Lloyd, had to on-screen career of thirty years. He jumped between TV and movies, in projects as wide as Flubber, Galaxy Quest, Seinfeld, The West Wingthat Desperate Housewives.

In addition to his work as an actor, Lloyd is a successful musician with the A Cappella group blank(which Shrubs Fans might think that worthless day-labourers)and the Beatles cover band The Laughing Stock.

But Lloyd is probably the most easily identified as Ted ShrubsAppeared in all nine seasons, and even then as a guest on the arc Cougar Town.

Some of Lloyd’s former colleagues pay tribute to him on social media, including Shrubs Star Zach Braff and Shrubs And Cougar Town Creator Bill Lawrence.

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