Scott Parker’s mood’and’proud’as a card seal an immediate return to the top League Champions last won the Brentford

A’feelings’of Scott Parker insists he is’proud’he is located in after they beat Brentford 2-1 in the Championship final.

Joe Bryan extra time support to ensure that the Cottagers to seal an immediate return to the top League at Wembley.

Scott Parker masterminded Fulham's promotion in his first whole season in management


Scott Parker masterminded Fulham’s promotion in his first whole season in management

Speaking to Sky Sports, Parker said:”I feel emotional and I think the journey you go on, you know the UPS and downs and along the way down.

“I face this aspect up, but in the behind-the-scenes support network of people, they let you go in that era.

“This is why I feel emotions, I feel those people are not here(due to Cov)and the fans support the team.

“As a Manager you sometimes not up to this point. I am very proud of my team and what we do.”

Parker was named Fulham boss guards the final three months of the Super League campaign last year as they won only seven of their 38 top-flight matches.

Brian is Fulham in London


Brian is Fulham in London

He was appointed on a permanent basis towards the end of the season and inherited a team, it recognizes up to 81 League goals.

But in his first full season, the Parker is turned on Fulham’s fate week to earn the club’s second promotion in three years.

He added:”I have learned so much. I believe I will be learning until my time as a Manager over. We walked in to the Super League, we must open a large wound.

“People see a team lose a lot of Premier League games, from that you can do a trial team.

“There are deep-rooted problems and trauma need to be healed. This is what makes me so happy(now) that.”

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