Sanders May Be Surging, But Is Socialism?

Sen. Bernie Sanders(socialist, Vt.) Speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill last week.


Patrick Semansky/the joint news Agency

Are the voters in the most prosperous country in the world really want to endorse economic change commitment

Sen. Bernie Sanders

? Vermont’s most famous Marxist has risen in the polls of Democratic voters to participate in tonight’s Iowa Caucuses and next week’s New Hampshire primary. But the Senator’s ideology is still unpopular. Even in the Democratic Party, a new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found that most voters did not back socialism.

Mr. Sanders will of course appear in the volume. Recently the Emerson survey in Iowa, and some other recent surveys, showing him in the lead thanks to strong support of young voters, those who called themselves”very liberal”and those with no religious beliefs.

His promise to abolish private health plans is one of the reasons why many prominent Democrats believe that he should not be party candidates.

Rahm Emanuel,

A senior adviser to President Clinton and chief of staff

Barack Obama

Have been trying to convince Democratic voters to leave Sanders on the cliff, and toward a more moderate path of the most recent Democratic President. Emanuel, Mr. warns that in the magazine today:

In 2018 and 2019, the victory of democracy in the country basically won the update of the Clinton-Obama mode. Trump Mr. for peri-urban and remote areas of the electorate in 2016 and intimidation tactics Center on guns, trade, immigration and crime. Democrats win them back rest assured, we will pursue sensible solutions to practical problems…

Not every Democratic strategist or candidate believe this is the best way forward. Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters do not believe the Democrats need to consider more moderate sensitivity, these suburban and outlying areas of the electorate. In their view, elections are not the center of the left—this is a loud stay, waiting to be heard.

As loud not as to the left, it seems, a they really don’t want to be heard. On Sunday, NBC’s Jonathan Allen and Alan Smith reports:

Former Secretary of State

John Kerry


Joe Biden

The most compelling spokespersons—is eavesdropping on the Sunday phone in a Des Moines hotel to illustrate what he must to do hospitality of a presidential campaign,”the possibility of Bernard Sanders has taken the Democratic Party—a whole.”

Sitting in the restaurant in the Renaissance Savery Hotel, Kerry heard by NBC News analyst said,”Maybe I f—ing fool yourself here”, and explained that run, he will further decline, from the Board of Directors of the

Bank of America

And give up their ability to make paid speeches. Kerry said that donors like Adventure Capitalist Doug Hickey will be”raised a few million,”increase, these donors”existing reality, Bernie.”

Asked about the call later Sunday, Kerry said he is”absolutely not”consider joining the Democratic home game. He reiterated the sentiment in a tweet, he said:”any report, otherwise it is f—ing(or clear)false.” After a few minutes, he deleted the tweet and forwarded it without swearing.

Last Friday, David Siders reports in politics:

A small group of Democratic National Committee members have private start to measure the support plan may weaken Bernard Sanders presidential campaign and head of a brokerage Convention.

During the dialogue, a DNC Executive Committee meeting and in phone calls and SMS, in recent days, about half a dozen members have been discussing the possibility of policy reversal, and to ensure that so-called superdelegates can vote on the first ballot of the party’s National Convention. Such a move would increase the impact of the Democratic National Committee members, MPs and other senior officials, they must now wait until the second round of voting, to have their say, if the Convention controversy.

Some people may be tempted to search the Iowa core team for the Super Bowl of the presidential nomination process. But it is more like the bracket 500,a huge event, marking the beginning of a long season, not the end. Therefore, even if Mr. Sanders victory in Iowa, he will fortunately face a tough road to persuade voters to transfer more funds and autonomy, Washington.

This is because a lot of people still like the market. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found that 52% of Americans have a positive”feeling”about capitalism, and 18%have a negative feeling, 24%are neutral. Support the market system, allows the creation of the world’s largest economy may seem to be disturbingly low, but recently has stabilized. A month in 2018 survey yielded almost identical results. Then, as now, capitalism still enjoys much support, even in the Democratic Party.

Support socialism, at the same time, remains about the same, in 2018. Among all voters, 19% of people have positive feelings about socialism, 53%expressed a negative opinion and 24%are neutral. Like capitalism, socialism excited to feel good a Democrat, and this only amounts to about one-third of Democrats expressed a positive feeling about socialism. In those intending to vote in Democratic primaries, about 40% Express a positive view.

Again, these numbers appear to be disturbingly high, but the average consumer of cable news and Twitter may be surprised to learn that the AOC style big government does not encourage most of the Democratic primaries people.

As for the recent Sanders surge, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls in Iowa and nationwide, Sen. Sanders is finally back to about 24 per cent of people supported the Democrats he likes in late March of 2019. Even if he wins Iowa, it may be more a sign of weak competition to a receptive electorate.


According to James Freeman.

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