San Diego Comic-Con is officially canceled for 2020 due to coronavirus

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The organizers behind San Diego Comic exhibition, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world announced that the 2020 event has been canceled COVID-19 broke.

A press release on their website describes the decision as a”deeply regrettable”and noted that the SDCC will be restored in 2021. This is the first time in the Convention’s 49 years of operation, the SDCC(formerly known as the Golden State comic book Convention)will not run on a schedule; this year will be the Convention’s 50 anniversary.

Although no panel has been announced, this year’s program, fans can look forward to the new information Marvel Studios, sneak glimpse BatmanAnd the first Star Wars panel since the release of The Mandalorian At Disney+and The rise of the Skywalker.

The SDCC website to ensure that the current badge of the people, they are all entitled to a refund or to purchase for next year’s Convention. onPeak,SDCC hotel members, will also automatically refund the reservation made through their system.

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