S Carolina mulls electric chair as only option for condemned

Columbia, S. C.(AP)—South Carolina had a County with the highest rates of execution, even the two prisoners died in one night.

However, now the state has not executed inmates in nine years, the current lack of drugs for lethal injection any of the 37 inmates on the state’s death row.

Some lawmakers are pushing to give the state an option to start executing prisoners again, giving them no choice but to go to the electric chair.

“We must have a method to carry out the decision of the court,”said Republican Representative Eddie Tallon,a retired state attorney from Hughes who the lead investigator in the case, sending the South Carolina serial killer Pee Wee cars the Kings of the electric chair in 1991 after he had killed at least 14 people.

Currently, condemned South Carolina prisoners have a choice between lethal injection or electrocution, and lethal injection as the default, if they do not choose.

The bill being considered by the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the power of the prisoners to be electrocuted if lethal injection is not available, just like the current situation is South Carolina’s supply of lethal injection drugs expire and there are no pharmaceutical companies would sell them any more there is no guarantee that they will not open.

Opponents of the bill say electric shock is barbaric and South Carolina to admit, when allowed by lethal injection in 1995.

Democratic Republic of the Justin Bamberg, asked the Commission at last week’s meeting, if any members did not see the implementation, whether it is in the electric chair or by lethal injection. No one raised their hands.

“I’ve done legal work, where the line worker has been electrocuted, don’t forget to see that,”a Democratic lawyer from Bamberg said.

At least one Republican has a familiar legal issues involving the death penalty are not determined South Carolina needs to go back on the electric chair.

“Death by electric shock, just like the Republic of Bamberg said, just a very cruel way to die,”said Republican Representative Gary Clary of Pickens, a retired judge presiding over the trial of two current death row prisoners and one who has been executed.

Several lawmakers also asked if the state is to invite litigation and years of appeals from death-row inmates whether or not a violation of their rights to change the method of execution, while they awaited punishment.

The Senate has passed the bill, but includes an option to allow death penalty by firing squad, supporters of the proposal that is put on the destruction of this legislation. Members of the House plan to eliminate the criminal team of the options, but this means that the bill will have to pass through the Senate once.

There is at least one other bill to help restart the execution by allowing any company to provide the lethal injection drugs to remain confidential. This recommendation has not been taken into account.

From 1995 to 2005, South Carolina had executed 31 prisoners. In the 15 years since, the country has carried out six executions and not because 2011. Since lethal injection was introduced in 1995, only three prisoners have been picked up in the electric chair instead.

Lack of execution drugs is clear of the death penalty in a different way. Once close to 70 prisoners waiting for death sentence. But because some prisoners are successful and a new, lighter punishment, the Prosecutor is not seeking death as much.

In 2019 the country got its first two new death-row inmates in five years. Prosecutors in recent years has accepted the request of the trading life without parole who admitted killing seven people and in the deaths of the police, using almost no doubt of the death penalty cases, citing the country’s future for executions.


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