Ryan Reynolds crashed this perfect ‘X-Men’ cast reunion


The X-Men Cast reunion Coke call benefit of global citizens on June 27. This is particularly reassuring X-Men Fans, he has been dealing with a lot of disappointing movies, the confusing schedule, and can not even enjoy the early movies as a Director.

The Saga of the tumultuous journey that is not lost in the row for the person. The reunion, which began with the original actors Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart,Halle Berry and FrontPage Janssen, who was promptly interrupted by Ryan Reynolds(X-Men Origins: Wolverine)And then X-Men:Apocalypse‘s James McAvoy and Sophie Turner.

Things become awkward, so everyone will find an excuse to leave the name-drop their other successful movies and shows. That leaves Reynolds Jackman, as well as a surprise guest all of Deadpool’s master plan.

You can see the full(and brief)parties and help with the Global Citizen right here.

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