Rumors: Yes Need For Speed Hot Pursuit acceleration fix to the PS4?

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3 PlayStation 3 Re-make of the rumors

Last year, Electronic Arts to say that it has been cooking up some”exciting…. With fan favorites”. Although many interpret this as a re-make of the Mass Effect trilogy, nothing really is confirmed. However, a report demanding to know what happens next EA to re-create the plan, it’s nothing to do with Commander Shepard.

Lock or unlock Jeff Grubb wrote a report on the basis of the EA of the plan of Nintendo Switch game. On the surface, this does nothing to the game, but one of the reports the game may be of interest to PS4 fans-if it is true. According to the Grubb and his sources”familiar with the publisher’s release slate,”is planning a re-make of need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

To be clear, we are talking about the 2010 hot pursuit of the development of the standard. The lock or unlock the report said, to re-create for the future”computers and other machines”in addition to the Switch.

This should be considered rumors, but Grubb seems to believe that this and other games in the article is true. If really there is a re-make of the Hot Pursuit Mode, This is very exciting news; the game is one of the best arcade racers in the past decade, we are willing to take it to another rotation of the PS4.

Of course, just because EA may bring back the cops and robbers racer, this is not to say that a Mass Effect trilogy re-make is not happening. In fact, the locking or unlocking has also been on the record saying so much looking forward to the title is in the pipeline.

Anyway, what do you think? You want to see Need For Speed Hot Pursuit return the PS4 10 years later? Drift to below the comments section.

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