Rise of the Resistance’ is a true adventure, not a ride

I know my job is dangerous, but I didn’t think it would go sideways so quickly.

The plan outlined by a hologram of the resistance of the residents of power-Rey, the owner, is to fly out of the Earth Batuu and set in our secrets of the new Foundation. No one knows the order to expect our exit from the Black Spires Outpost or starship is lurking in orbit, ready to give our trap in a tractor beam. These intelligence failures might be fatal errors.

“You are now guilty of the first order,”a uniformed officer called me a rebel companion,”continue to give you the cells for interrogation.” I look around, trying to make a run, but the entire Legion commando is standing at the ready, waiting to put a Blaster bolt through the anyone unwise enough to rebel against their detention. I know there is a way out of here, but I certainly can’t see it. As the First Order of the parade I turned on the star ship and seal me in a dark interrogation room, want to hit me: I’m not even on the ride yet.

As the First Order of the parade I turned on the star ship, a thought hit me: I’m not even on the ride yet.

Star Wars: Rise of the resistance is more than a new attraction at Disney World’s Star Wars: The Galaxy Edge. Feel like a real Star Wars adventure(complete with the occasional plot holes). Part of the immersion from the casting before the trilogy that appear in various points in the ride, with Daisy Ridley’s Rey, John Boyega is Finn, Oscar Issac is Dameron PoE,Domhnall Gleeson General the Motel, and Adam Driver’s”unprofessional”~well, Jen’s all appear in the video or the hologram type guidance or threatening task. Another part comes from the rise of the Resistance The only way to put the Knights in the Central role.

There are many Disney Park rides, the process of waiting is very interesting, but the rise of resistance, so that the line it’s part of the story. One near the upper and lower simulation will be stretched the room service as the entry point of the Haunted Mansion, but RotR takes this concept to the next level by launching its plot long before the safety bars clamp down and transport the vehicle to move. The intention is to help through actor performances of the roles of sex and a First-Order personnel. Even if they role the goal is to get people from one stage of the ride to another, their dedication to help(or intimidation)sexual recruits is light years ahead of many other tourist attractions, to provide for immersion.

No welcome wagon for anyone willing to see.

No welcome wagon for anyone willing to see.

Image: Alexis computer awareness Nath/mashup

By the time the security bar clip drop and the more traditional elements of the beginning, the Park has been through a gorgeous realization of a series of sets, including a quick jaunt past the Dameron slope of the X-Wing, an offender walks past a Star Destroyer and a virtual plane emission, shows a ship’s eye view of the Galaxy and enjoy the Park. From there, the ride turned into a daring escape from the detention effect, so that the rising resistance of the five-year Creation period is completely understandable.

Escape vehicle the Dodge explosive bolts, making the wrong change brings riders face-to-face with a completely artificial and the walls of the explosion on Mars as the Resistance fleet to jump to action, in order to avoid their capture by the rebels from the first order. Even if it is flooded with Stormtroopers fire, the real enemy in the rise of the resistance is either”not professional”~well, who in a little Kung Fu of his light sword through the ceiling transport vehicle carve out a hole through the other possible attacks.

Rise of resistance the most beautiful moment comes near the end of the transport vehicle, when the vehicle is temporarily being caught between firing a Star Destroyer Cannon. Through the”windows”in the fire, hand glimpse of the full scale galactic battles they capture with incitement, and fighting picture of what all to see in the old and the new Star Wars trilogy. These people were only able to experience watching a movie or TV screen, but in the rise of resistance to it happening Your In the real time.

Even leaving the car is immersive, there is no awkward transition to the

Even leaving the car is immersive, there is no awkward transition into the”real world.”

Image: Alexis computer awareness Nath/mashup

All of these elements together to make rise of the resistance feels a little like a theme Park ride,this is the car designer’s intent. Executive Creative Director John La Reina told Mashable that RotR uses four different popular systems(to name them would be to damage them), and make them”seamless”is one of the biggest challenges in creating attraction.

“How do you secretly(four-ride system), where does not make people feel, Oh, this is a ride’?” He said before explaining that the rise of resistance became possible only after the Disney thinkers in the development of the trackless, low to the ground vehicles must be created for Disneyland Paris Ratatouille: The Adventure.

“Up until that point(attraction vehicle)is quite high of the ground, which will mess up the entire scale and proportion,”Larea said. “When I saw, really lowland a I’m like, God, you can use this, you can actually have a corridor in the right size on the star class destroyer, so all of these developments are triggered.”

The overall experience of the rise of the resistance is a hybrid theme Park attractions, movies, Magic, Live Action Role Playing. This is unique, even if one of the Disney Park rides and uplifting anyone who wants to know what it feels like to live in a galaxy far, far away.

As a last hint, for those who get a chance to ride—the Resistance soldiers have a tend to be on the front row in any escape transport vehicles. Guide people some feel the chaos of battle and their cheerful crazy beep is easy to miss from a back seat point of view.

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