Redskins’review seems to be very formal process; the new name, the trademark is not likely to use a local image

A development process, the organization is not the intended use of the original American image with its new name and logo, according to a person familiar with the deliberations of the task force and the coalition, but the person cautioned that the plan uncertain draft. ESPN also reported Wednesday a franchise is not planning to use the map image.

“In effect, (review)time of purchase(research possibilities),”a person familiar with the review said that in the anonymous conditions discussed in private process.

The name change is still a topic of national discussion, the President of Trump the words of this week’s Redskins and Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball is a local style interface to political correctness in regard to the changes. On Wednesday, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan(R), Who in 2014 expressed support for the team keeping the name, he said, he”absolutely”agreed that”Redskins”is a slur, and he thinks the team should change the name.

“When Might is right,”Hall said in an interview with NBC’s”Today”show. “I’m glad they having this discussion. I think that the name will change. …I understand that this is a hurtful name, and in today’s context, it probably should be changed.”

In an interview Saturday, Washington coach Ron Rivera said he has talked to Snyder about the team’s name for more than a month, the two have had an exchange of views on possible alternatives, including two that Rivera”really like.” Rivera Snyder also said, it has been working with NFL executives on the issue for more than two weeks.

While many people’s knowledge of the situation said that Snyder consulted name of the problem, from Jay Leveton, a partner in Stagwell Group, a Washington-based marketing company, the company does not believe that review.

Rivera said he hopes the new name will be in the beginning of the season, but the more people informed, the announcement may come early, at least there is one think that this may be displayed in the next two weeks.

It is unclear whether Snyder already has a solution in a name. Rivera’s comments seem to indicate that a small pool of possible contenders, but he did not provide more details.

Rivera has repeatedly said that he and Snyder want the name”honors”Native Americans and the military. (The North American Indians have a long history of close relations with the military component based on the franchise of the geographic connection to the military headquarters.) The coach said he hopes the franchise will reach the U.S. Indigenous leaders and military officials to be sure the name of the team selection will respect both.

It is unknown whether the Redskins have approached the tribal leaders or advocacy group guidance. Several local American leaders this week said they did not hear from NFL teams or about the name of the review and stressed the importance that they have a voice in the discussion.

Last Tuesday, the Oneida Indian Country Representative Ray Halbritter, who started the change of the auspicious event, saying that the mission did not find him, but he said the Oneida Indian Nation”expect to hear something at some point”in.

When asked whether it is essential for the team to seek input from indigenous Americans, he said:”This is crucial.”

“It’s like have a discussion about your family life does not include your spouse.” “How could you have a discussion to change a team’s name is derogatory and inhuman to the very people you affect? It only makes reasonable sense, you will have a discussion with those people.”

Crystal Echo Hawk, founder of IllumniNative, an organization that brings together the United States, Indigenous stories of people and grassroots leaders also oppose the Redskins name, is concerned about the talk about honoring both the indigenous Americans and the military the new name means that the team will continue to use the map like, some she believes that many Native Americans would oppose.

“There is no better way to commemorate the local people by making the mascot around them,”she said.

Mark Maske, Erin, and Adam Kilgore and Roman Stubbs contributed to this report.

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