‘Queer Eye’ expert Bobby Berk is designing ‘Animal Crossing’ houses

All things just keep getting better and better.

All things just keep getting better and better.

Image: Twitter

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Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch has become the de facto alternative social interaction, and being outside of time social isolation. A lot of fun Animal Crossing Yes freedom it gives its players can be creative to design their home and the Islands, freedom limited only by the bells in their wallet, and small hardware in their Nookphone…maybe a General lack of design sense.

Input Strange eyes Star Bobby Baker, and their families transition is nothing miraculous Netflix show(and is often the best part of each episode). Strange eyes‘s Twitter official account to come up with a call Animal Crossing Players in the efforts and design your own island house to answer their line and receive advice from you Mr. Berk himself.

Some of the rooms for fans to submit there are already gorgeous and impressed Bobby.

Other people just need some adjustment. The carpet here, a Seating area, where…

Other people will only cause confusion. From Bobby, who has seen Everything In the pre-makeover period Strange eyesThat’s not great.

And one of the Animal Crossing Room so messy Bobby in another Netflix home experts take the wheel.

The other line has some great design tips from Bobby, and just a bunch of pictures of really good design of the room to the happy and excited yourself Animal Crossing Decorate the journey. Can you believe that?

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