Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 690 commitment to mainstream 5G phone with the 192MP camera

To fulfil its commitment to bring the latest 5G cellular technology to the mass market of consumers in 2020, the General today announced the Snapdragon 690—more affordable mobile platform with integrated global 5G connection, plus a variety of high-level features, the first 8 and 7 series devices. One of the most important is the support the camera with up to 192-megapixel photos and 30 sorties a second 4K HDR video, including the necessary AI chip to improve the process such a high bit-rate photos and videos.

Snapdragon 690 will continue to 5G evolution from a rare, ultra-premium features into table stakes for a modern smartphone, a process that began with the high-pass of the release of the advanced Snapdragon 50 times the modem and continue with the X55’s successor. This Snapdragon 690 included a new modem, X51, its commitment to the global 5G band and the global multi-SIM support, but it is worth noting that only can be connected to the sub-6GHz5G network—not the millimeter-wave Tower. This means that the 690 is initially likely to appear in equipment for the non-US market.

For businesses the impact of mainstream 5G smartphones will be a key to improve the layer of the cellular network performance, enabling content creators and service providers of confidence is provided a big audience for the service, depending on the greater bandwidth and the ability to react, than 4G the bare minimum requirements. The General said that the Snapdragon 690 will allow the 5G to the smartphone’s price to be affordable to more than 2 billion users around the world. Video, AR, game or the stream may be unreliable 4G will sound solid in the 5G, so that the double launch of the new cellular basis of Service and quality of the version of past service users of even entry-level devices.

The higher a predecessor of the 6 Series platform Snapdragon 675, article 690 of the Kryo560CPU also a commitment to achieve 20%better performance, graphics rendering, is up to 60% of the speed, and support for 120 Hz display. Snapdragon 690 also includes a pass to the 5-gen AI engine, the commitment of 70% to improve the AI task with the 675, so that the camera improvements such as the smooth transition between ultra-wide, regular and telephoto lens. Through also take it to the hexagonal Tensor of the accelerator 6 in a series for the first time, in order to achieve high-speed, artifact-free real-time AR photo filter.

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It will reach the original equipment manufacturer to decide whether to fully use the 690 is the ability of the camera by incorporating a third-party imaging sensor and lens, but the pipe of ultra-high-resolution image is there. Six months ago, nothing new in the idea of a approximately 200 million-pixel camera on any smartphone, let alone an affordable one, and 4K HDR video capture is not exactly a budget feature. Now these two features can to Snapdragon based phone price in the$300- $ 400 range.

Whether this happens remains to be seen, but the General said the Snapdragon 690 base of the phone will be announced and published by the original equipment manufacturer of the second half by 2020, by pushing the operator, excited to get 5G into every device at every price point. The initial list of brands, likely including LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sharp, TCL, and Wingtech. In addition, the equipment on the basis of the company’s latest 7-Series(765/765G)Xiao godson sheet a little delay by the Cov of the popular, pass notes, but now”imminent”, and will help meet the company’s target market of the device, crossing the line between senior and Junior performance.

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