Pubs reopen across England as police officer warns of lack of social distancing

London(CNN)— Drunk people can be inappropriate social distance, the British police officer warning after the completion of a Saturday night–the first day the pub re-open in England after the CoV is closed.

“A predictably busy night, and confirmed that we know, alcohol and social alienation is not a good combination,”tweeted John the first Chairman of the National Police of the Federal Staff Association for police officers in England and Wales.

The WHO is obliged in the South of England the city of Southampton, said he and his colleagues have been processing the”happy drunks, angry drunks, fighting”and antisocial behavior. “What is very clear is that drunk people can not win the wrong social distance,”he said.

In a post on Twitter, the London Metropolitan Police urged people to”please be responsible, keep safe and in accordance with the social distance and other guidance, has been put”as the pub re-open.

However, the image captured Saturday night in the Central London district of Soho, famous pubs and bars, showed that the crowded streets.

Five bar in Nottingham,in the East of England region, decided to close early the following anti-social behaviour, police say, officers made four arrests following reports of a smashed window and minor violations.

However, Inspector Craig Berry thanks”most of the public who acted responsibly throughout the Saturday.”

Devon and Cornwall Police, in southwest England, said they have received more than 1000 calls for six members of the public, mainly about the”drink-related disorder.”

And in Essex, Southeast England, an official tweeted that the police had four people arrested.

The UK Health Minister Matt Hancock told Sky News’Sophy Ridge, he was pleased overall with how Saturday went.

“From what I’ve seen, although there are some photos on the contrary, very, very large people to take a responsible attitude, this balance of information is very important. People should enjoy the summer safely,”he said Sunday.

“You have seen from Leicester and other places, we do not evade bring in draconian measures, if this is what is necessary to control the virus. But the overall plan has been through the lifting of the blockade trying to enhance national measures-but absolutely clear we will solve place erupted when we see them.”

Limit re-imposed on Tuesday in Leicester, a city in the Eastern region, after a peak in the Cov case. This is the first time in the UK can be put under a partial blockade of the
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