Probably the iPhone itself is a single camera shot of the Galaxy A51 of the four? Here’s how they compare


Lexy Hotel*Casa Verdes/the.

The Samsung A51 Is a $ 400(£329,AU599 USD)a powerhouse with four cameras, to give the flexibility of photography, the ultra-liberal the. But Apple’s new iPhone SEAlthough only one camera, has Can photography features borrowed from more expensive models such as the iPhone11. This is how the two $ 400 phone comparison, from portrait and sightseeing video recording.

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iPhone SE or Galaxy A51: Battle of the $ 400 cell phone camera


Galaxy A51 has more cameras, for a variety of

The bat, the Galaxy have four the rear camera: 48-megapixel main machine f2, 12-megapixel ultra-wide, a 5 megapixel macro camera and a depth sensor. The IPhone itself has a single 12-megapixel rear camera in f1. 8.

However, although a wide variety of sounds great on paper, in practice, I found myself more and more using only two out of the four. The depth of the camera, for example, not actually take photos. It’s just for Focus(or image mode)lens.


Lexy Hotel*Casa Verdes/the.

In addition to using the main camera, I found that the ultra-wide camera in the Galaxy A51 is more convenient to the macro-camera, which is the main thing I miss when taking photos on the iPhone SE. That’s because I’m able to shoot a larger area without physically having to move back in. Use the slider below the figure seen visiting another angle from wide to ultra-wide camera.

This is not to say that A51 macro camera is a dud. For macro photos, there is no contest: the Galaxy A51 can shoot photos at a closer to the reach of the iPhone, although you need to Many Light get the best of this camera. I got the best results when taking photos of the plant outside in a Sunny day, while at the same time anything I want to give the card into a vague focus confused.


One of my successful macro photos.

Lexy Hotel*Casa Verdes/the.

Also there is no optical image stabilization(OIS)on any galaxy A51 of the camera, except the iPhone SE with OIS in the rear camera.

Neither phone has optical zoom, so I rely on digital zoom out to get closer to the object-5x on SE and 8 on the A51. Both produce an acceptable gun in 5 times, but the iPhone image does not look oversharpened and”crunchy”than the A51.

Galaxy A51 vivid photos with the iPhone itself is a natural you see

Galaxy A51 there is a scene optimization, by default. The camera automatically detects the problem of the framework, such as food or landscape, and then enhances the photo. It makes the color bomb on the screen, but in some cases, especially photos of food or flowers, on-site optimization makes the image look Too The over-saturation. The IPhone itself produces a more natural shot which I like more than the intense colors from the Milky Way A51. Your personal preferences may be different from mine.

Both the Galaxy A51 and SE have a HDR mode to help balance the shadow and highlight detail, and the phone did such a great job, I find it difficult to separate the HDR performance from another.

When I looked at the photo in the reduction magnification on the computer screen, not much to separate the two any things in addition to color saturation. But when I looked closer the 100%crop, many photos I took the regular Galaxy A51 camera looks less detailed than the equivalent iPhone SE gun.

Portrait and night mode are closer than you think

These two phone can help make your problems out by blurring the background to achieve a similar effect photos taken on a DSLR at wide aperture.

IPhone pull off this vague or”loose”the effect is more natural, especially if you consider the effect of the extreme and want to blur the background as much as possible. But the Galaxy A51 has a better edge detection thank, depth camera, so there is more definition between my question and background. At times, the details such as hair, the confusion of the iPhone, so some of the details got lost in the background blur.

The IPhone itself only Modulo type portrait photos of people, while the Galaxy A51 work on any problem, including Pets. You just need to make sure your animal friend stays still while you come up with.

Only the Galaxy A51 provide a dedicated Night Mode for low light situations. Although this sounds great the A51 on the surface of the iPhone itself to be able to take comparable shots even without such a mode. The IPhone itself produces a usable night photos just for me to keep my hand stable. But I need to do the same to the A51, the use of Night Mode.

Galaxy A51 capture more clarity and retains highlight detail than the iPhone SE at night, but not much. It is also a smaller, 8-megapixel file when using Night Mode.

The photos are more natural on the iPhone SE

Although the Galaxy A51 front camera offers more megapixels(32!), the iPhone itself produce pictures with more natural colors. In my eyes, the Milky Way, the A51 over-saturation of the red channel so much, my brown hair looks almost copper in some of the pictures. A51 capture a clearer shot overall than the iPhone SE the 7 million pixel front camera, but the iPhone’s color, the skin looks more real life.

The resolution of the video though, the Galaxy A51 has the upper hand. It can take 4K from the front facing camera in the iPhone SE maxes at 1080p. You can see from both the video on this page.

The IPhone itself takes the side of the video

I shot the entire video on this page on the iPhone SE and the Galaxy A51 and found the iPhone certainly be better overall here. In good light, the image looks more clean low noise in the Galaxy and the OIS on the iPhone a huge difference when recording video. The clip I recorded handheld in 4K looks super smooth iPhone itself compared, in the same resolution on the Galaxy A51, it does not have any OIS. You can get digital image stabilization in 1080p in the Galaxy and it helps if you’re shooting handheld.

The IPhone can also film in 4K/60fps, and A51 can film in 4K/30. Zoom in the Galaxy A51 is not as smooth as it is on the iPhone SE. For many segments, especially when shooting a static problem, I had to lock focus before the shot to make things smooth. I noticed that Coke Twitch when shooting a moving issue on the Galaxy A51. On the iPhone, the motion looks smoother and more film.

The sound from both is good, but the iPhone sounds more full and round than the clip from the Milky Way, although the two telephone recordings sound.

Not iPhone SE or Galaxy A51 has a better camera?

The two $ 400 phone with a camera it is possible to obtain White City retail price. The Milky Way provides more flexibility, if you want to be able to switch between different situations, such as the use of ultra-liberal is. But the iPhone has a stronger video recording, and in some cases, camera to capture more detail in the full magnification. No matter which phone you have selected, you get a lot of camera for your money, but personally I would choose the iPhone SE for its powerful video recording. I selected the Galaxy A51 if I want the flexibility of an ultra-wide lens.

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