Prince William meets Peter Crouch: the Duke of Cambridge’s blocked, Twitter and mental health

Guests in this week’s Peter Crouch podcast is none other than Prince William.

As President of the Football Association, the Duke of Cambridge has been keen to use his role to start the dialogue around mental health, including help with re-naming of the 2020 FA Cup final header in the FA Cup.

“We hope that renaming it is a big enough statement, the UK will show the world and the football world in particular, mental health really matters,”William to make his first appearance in a podcast-tell squat.

The podcast team met with William at Kensington Palace before the blockade, and even shared a curry before a follow-up to the shrink called this month.

Here’s the main points:

Football is more important is him now his parents

Prince William said that he considered it very important to talk to people Football

Asked whether football was his”release”, William replied:”Is Now. Since becoming a father, without a doubt, soccer has become more important.

“I need to go and be among other people and let out some steam, shout a little,”he explained,joking he stops short of abuse of the referee. “I’m the President of the FA, I can’t do that!”

William added:”It has become a lot about me, I need it. Talking about football helps a lot.”

Later in the podcast, he said:”this period of time so that all of our appreciation of things. On the blockade, it has been a bit like an awakening, perhaps we need our lives a bit for granted sometimes there are a lot of things, you can swing all of us at any time.

“I think, especially now, as a parent, it starts to make you look a little more in the future is the kind of world we want to transfer to the next generation. There is a lot of time to think-you can also have too much time to think, which is what I worry about.”

He is in’is the noise of the crowd of camps

William said he really missed football during the hiatus.

“I try to pretend I don’t care too much this is not around,”he said. “However, by the end of the third weekend, I’m really lost. It is only with the weekend.”

And he of all the crowd noise in the empty field.

“It would be like to hear the players puffing and cursing each other,”he said.

His lock of experience, sounds very relatable

What is one of the Royal concerns during the blockade? Family education and keep the young children entertained, obviously.

“I found it a nice test, trying to get children involved in and interested in some kind of work,”he said. “It’s been a fun few months.

“I already know my patience is a much shorter than I thought it was! This is probably the biggest eye opening to me, and my wife has been super patient.”

He admitted he struggled in the two mathematics. Comforting.

He chose Aston Villa, because he did not want to become a glory hunter

To see his beloved Villa

Prince William is famous for a Villa fan. He said he fell in love with him in the first act of the FA Cup game-Villa Bolton-when he was 11.

“I sit in there house all the fans I like it. I think the atmosphere is great,”he recalled.

He said at the time he”desperately”did not want to support”someone like Manchester United or Chelsea”-like everyone else at school did.

He is also attracted to the Villa’s proud history-William was born in 1982, when they, as the English Champions to win the European Cup.

“I feel a real connection to the club,”he said. “I feel Villa, is a very proud part of the club and this feels very special.

“Only in the last few years I have a grip of the Villa, as my real team and I see them a lot and I get the statistics.”

He wore a new piece for six a side

After being put on the spot, said William, he’s the only person on his team wearing the new pad.

There is a very good reason.

“In school, I basically got targeted all the time,”said William, he said he usually plays to the right back.

Apparently, the 15-year-old, he once asked a policeman with his laser pointer and red dot, one of the opposition players.

“I said to him,’see, he’s under you,”William laugh:”put him off about 10 minutes!”

He wanted to Grealish in the England team

When the squat and the team asked William if, in his as President of the FA, he could get rid of Gareth Southgate’s England have a bad game-he admitted,”it might be a little difficult!”.

“Gareth is a legend, I really liked Gareth and I think he’s doing a great job with the England team,”he said.

“This is not to say that the dialogue is also not in there I gave him a little push, and said:’Why not Grealish in the England team?'” He jokes.

He won’t play football Manager, because he think he’ll feel too addicted

“That would be the end of my life-you’ll never see me on the balcony again,”he said. “I was locked.”

He met with Ian Holloway at the deer do

William Tell a great story about watching Blackpool, then managed by Ian Holloway, a man to do the Friends of the Royal Air Force.

Apparently the Manager to meet the group at half-time, it William said surprised him given he should probably have provided his team at this point.

“He’s just like, there’s no point doing a team talk, they don’t listen to it?’,”William said.

He is not allowed to tweet from the [email protected] account

“They deliberately keep me away from these. When Liverpool won amazing Champions League semi-finals against Barcelona(in May 2019), I grabbed the Twitter thing, just published.

“This is an amazing game, I was blown away. This is one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. I got completely lost control. I said:’tweets! Get out of it!’

“And almost every Villa match, we’ve won-which is not many this season I’ve been trying to catch it, but they keep it away from me.”

He feared that the British athlete mental health

“I’ve met a lot of players. It is very interesting how different sports and different teams behave in the changing room,”William said.

“Whenever I go back to the UK locker room won’t ever feel more pressure. I don’t know what it is, but you note that they find it more difficult to relax.

“We talk about physical health. We never really talk treatment health. We all need to remain mentally fit, no more than is true of professional athletes who-in the special case of the playback of the England under immense pressure-must have their head razor-sharp as well as their feet and legs.”

His karaoke song is Bohemian Rhapsody

And the answer to this question you never realized you always wanted to know. This will be the Queen, isn’t it?

“It is one of the few songs I know all the lyrics,”he explained.

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