Pompeo warned that the longer countries the penetration into the US: it is happening in your country’

The Communist Party has infiltrated all levels of U.S. infrastructure and work to destroy the values of the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a Saturday speech, while also warning the Governor of the state to be wary of China’s penetration.

“We can’t ignore our actions and strategic intentions,”he spoke addressing the National Governors Association winter meeting. “The Chinese government has been in an orderly way, it is the analysis of our systems…this is to assess our vulnerability and it decided to use our freedoms to gain advantage in the US at the Federal level, the national level and the local level.”

“The competition with China is happening. This is happening in your state,”Pompeo added. “In fact, I’d be surprised if most of you in the audience there is no lobbying by the Chinese Communist Party directly.”

He said the group loyal to the Communist States made in the open Virginia, Minnesota, Florida, and dozens of other States all around the country. Other Chinese groups, however, practice their evil actions in the shadows in trying to exercise influence over U.S. citizens and members of Parliament.

Pompeii*referenced by a letter from a diplomat at the Chinese Consul in New York, the spokesman for an unnamed state legislative bodies, provides consulting, U.S. officials are not independent of interactions with Taiwan.

“You added a diplomat from China, the distribution here in the United States, a representative of the Communist Party of China, in the city of New York, sent a letter urging the U.S. elected officials should not exercise his right to freedom of expression,”he explained.

Nikki Haley issued a warning of threats, appealed to the Beijing of our most important national security concern’

The Secretary-General said, This is not a rare event and Chinese officials in the United States is actively seeking to slit kinds of chaos, at the national and local level-especially in the field of education in the University campus and K-12 classrooms.

“Maybe some of you have heard of the time, the Chinese Consulate General to pay the University of California, San Diego students protest against the Dalai Lama,”he continued. “It shows the depth. It shows the systematic. It indicates intent.”

He added:”the Chinese Communist Party officials are also cultivating relationships with the County school Board and local politicians-often through the so-called’Sister City program…this competition is just in progress.”

Pompeo also spoke about China’s movement to recruit American Scientists and scholars share a vital secret, in exchange for monetary benefits through their”thousand-people plan,”a campaign that has targeted scientists and teachers in the campus such as Virginia Tech and Harvard University, and trigger investigation of the Ministry of Justice(Ministry of Justice).

He also explained that Beijing pressure of Chinese students in the United States keep an eye on their fellow citizens and report to the government about their activities.

“China’s propaganda to start even earlier than College. China has targeted K-12 schools around the world,”he said. “You know, we have no ability to establish a similar program? We should have reciprocity in all things. Today them free reign in our system and we completely shut down their…Beijing know that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.”

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Pompeii*and then warned the Governor of the state of doing business with China, it is common indirect financial Communism without realizing it. He then extends the hands of the Federal government and the ACE management is standing, ready to help States with this growing problem.

“I want to urge vigilance at the local level,”he said. “It is worthy of trust, but verify. There is the Federal officials are ready to help you work through these challenges when they arise. Do not make separate individual trades, the destruction of our national policies. I know that without you will do so intentionally. Let us help you.”

“I hope you all take on Board what I said today,”Pompeo added. “Do not ignore the competition from China, already present in your state. Let us all rise to the occasion and protect our security, our economy, in fact we cherished it.”

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