PokeCoin system change is the future of the’spirit go’as Niantic the start of the test in Australia–good

Elf go (Free)from the Niantic has been improved to let people play the game in a place or in the home. This is a high through the remote passage through the lot. Earlier today, Niantic announced a reform of the PokeCoin system Elf go Will be launched by the Test, starting in Australia. In the future, PokeCoins will be rewarded for activities other than defending the gym. To ensure a better balance is achieved these PokeCoins number of get maintenance the gym will change to two from six and the maximum amount earned per day can reach 55 again.


The start of the test in Australia, the training staff will be able to get five PokeCoins by set activities, including making a good throw to the winning attack and take snapshot. The results from the test in Australia will allow the team to adjust the balance of the full deployment of the other place. It is good to see they allowed to earn more at the same time is limited at home. Head to our forum thread for more discussion around the Pokémon Go. Did you play Elf go Every day what do you think of the recent changes?

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