Pete Davidson goes to kindergarten in ‘King of Staten Island’ clip

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It does not give up much display, by the end of the The king of Staten IslandPete Davidson*Scott rose to the”people”side of others the child’s role. But as a separate clip piece alternative ending to remind us that he will always be the heart of a child.

Very let the scene with Scott in a class career day to talk about firefighters. Although he is not one himself, it worked, he is very familiar with: not only does he spend too much sadness in the movie his late firefighter father, he also ended up living in a fire station with his mom’s fireman boyfriend, Ray(Bill Gross), for a large block of time.

But at the same time, Scott might not exactly be the fireman of the material, as he himself admits in the clip, it was obvious he was a natural when it comes to children. After the fascinating light of the kids earlier in the film, he absolutely KILLED it with this preschool lesson.

As we know, no plans The king of Staten Island The sequel—but we can get another movie Pete Davidson hanging out with the kids, okay?

Before that, The king of Staten Island You can use your own digital via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more. It will hit Blu-ray and DVD. 25.

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