Parenting skills, my love, and pay attention to the weekend

This is a weekend cooking and reading and playing Board games(we are all addicted)…and generally just resting before the week ahead begins. I make this weekend is to pay attention to a little short, because I poured my creative energy into a new project, I’ve been dreaming, can’t wait to share with you the following two weeks. Now, like my favorite read of the Web page(and the”monitor”and”make”), and as usual, please send any articles you want to share in the comments! xx C

Pictured above: the pants I can’t wear

What happens when a small boy to fight the isolation in the library.

A basic read addictive+our equipment.

Some of the best parenting skills.

You look at the list if you want to learn more about racial justice.

How to take the”safecation.”

The largest of the summer vegetables with this pasta dish tonight.

Almost finished with this book I have already recommended to everyone I know.

36 successful entrepreneurs share their#1 tip for University graduates.

If you need a new show to binge, which is quite amazing.

*And some interesting things you may have missed!

You go as crazy for this wedding, because we did not have.

7 bake the rules, each summer the chef should know.

It is safe to invite friends over anymore?

11 podcasts you can’t listen to yet–but should be.

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