‘Our lives are worth more than the package

Amazon workers strike Cov-gt-img

Amazon employees at the company’s Staten Island distribution facility of working conditions during a protest Covid-19 pandemic. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Chicago—Amazon workers in the Chicago warehouse feel their health should be as necessary, because their labor and their construction in the past of the organization, in order to obtain Management Act.

With at least one confirmed case Covid-19 in the facilities of the southwest region of the city, responsible for the”last mile”of the most Amazon deliveries in the city, the workers circulated a petition, calling on the company to immediately shut down the warehouse for disinfection, pay all the staff in closed, covered medical expenses for staff and family members to contract the coronavirus, and to take other steps to put safety first.

On Monday night, at least 30 workers around half the size of the shift, due to go in—collected outside the facility entrance is in the social alienation of the spoken and urged colleagues not of the clock and risk their health for an Amazon parcel.

“Our warehouse is a Petri dish for the expansion of this to say,”Ted, one of the lowest workers made a statement. “We know that as things get worse, our strikes and our picket lines and our actions will only increase.”

Anger has been building inside the Amazon facilities nationwide as the company tries to keep the run level to meet the demand. Earlier in March, a Queens warehouse shut down when workers walked out after learning of a positive situation. Last Monday, March 30th, the staff at a Staten Island facility for up to 10 people infected with the out of the mid-shift; one of the main organizers of the actions are fired.

Workers in Chicago DCH1(as the facility is known)said that managers of the first publication of the Covid case the middle of the night shift, after most of the work has been completed by a staff in a period of time, to avoid a collective response. Day shift workers were told, by the automatic speech telephone the day after, after three shifts of workers to enter and work in facilities.

“Managers do not take decisive action that will actually protect us from having a coronary the spread of the virus to become our community,”said Christian Zamarrón, who has worked at DCH1 for nearly three years. He said, the company is focused on”PR of things: having the workers constituting the control, and make it look like we practice social distancing. However, it’s all a farce.” Workers packaging bag delivery truck is often a”must be within a few feet of each other”do their job, he said.

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