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Armed protesters demonstrate at the Michigan Conservative Union Organization of”operation haircut”outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing Michigan on May 20, 2020. The Hawaiian shirt is a uniform of the members of the extremist organization”swing dance.” (Jeff Kowalsky/Getty)

The United States intelligence community, the group of spy agencies, you most often hear about in the context of the thing is the Espionage of the Russian or Chinese cyber attacks, there is a new target: the Boogaloo movement.

Well known for their provocative mode and the like of a Hawaiian shirt paired with military camouflage uniforms, Boogaloos is a loosely affiliated coalition of far-right anti-government groups goal is to prepare for or even incitement—the second American Civil War. They love guns and the fanatical opposition of the government, which allegedly led to last month’s murder of two security guards and a police officer. This prompted Attorney General William Barr announced the creation of a task force to investigate the group.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security(DHS)issued a report obtained by NationalBegin noted that”the intelligence community reported domestic violence of the extremists(DVEs)who support the’Boogaloo’may take advantage of the current political and social climate to attack the United States, causing a potential threat to law enforcement.”

Intelligence report, dated June 1, to 2020, and marked”for official use only”, is to provide a Federal law enforcement official on condition of anonymity to avoid professional retaliation. Demographic and Health Survey did not respond to a request for comment.

The Boogaloo movement have been implicated in a string of horrific murders, in the past few months, so it is not surprising that the Federal Agency will monitor them. The report does not disclose which agencies produce intelligence, but the intelligence community is not a typical organization, which includes in its top intelligence agencies such as CIA,NSA and FBI.

These agencies are usually responsible for the monitoring of nation-state opponents as well as against their respective intelligence services. Many employees have top secret security clearance and access to such sensitive information, they usually give a polygraph test to ensure they have not disclosed the secret without authorization. The intelligence is monitoring the Boogaloo movement speaks to a serious threat.

In June, Steven Carrillo, an active duty U.S. Air Force Sergeant, served as a team leader of the Air Force’s elite Phoenix Raven security unit, allegedly, with a silent machine guns and pipe bombs, killing a police officer and two Federal protection service guards. Several other police officers also injured. Carrillo, who is alleged to have worked with another swing dance accomplice, reportedly scrawled in blood the word”Borg”on his car with a phrase in the popular swing dance of the members:”I have become unreasonable.”

As a consequence of the violence, the Ministry of defence have been quietly debating how to better monitoring of military personnel for signs of extremism, according to senior Department officials are not entitled to the floor. Many in the Department’s leaders believe that only monitors social media accounts will be effective, but the privacy rules often prevent them from doing so, the official explained.

Ask the Pentagon has updated its policy, for the detection of violent extremists in its ranks, the Defense Ministry spokesman cited its internal threat management and Analysis Center said,”the personal expression of affiliation, allegiance or ideological symmetry of an organization with extremist(including white supremacism, neo-Nazism, terrorism, or gang Association)may qualify as proof of the relevant Act(s)in the DoD Insider Threat Program.” Forty other Pentagon tessellation, has its own additional internal threat to the program, the spokesman added.

Nevertheless, as my senior Ministry of defence source explained that the Pentagon’s capacity is still insufficient to the threat posed by domestic extremists, and he believes that is developing rapidly. In fact, the absence of any policy, the spokesman mentioned seems to be new, although he did not say that internal discussions on updating the plan.

However, the Pentagon, and even debate a response to the wave of far-right violence may represent a turning point management, often appear reluctant to address the threat. Although Chairman Wang has repeatedly inveighed against the”radical left,”including antifa, the other vowed to sign a terrorist organization, his outstanding swing dance attack, and others for personal motives of the extreme right-wing ideology.

As a former senior counter-terrorism officials tell me that,”it is obvious that as long as the Trump’s office, since violent extremism is not a priority. He is more concerned about immigrants who overstayed his visa.”

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