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Support presidential candidate, Bernard Sanders wear mask respiratory protection on the COVID-19. (Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

The title at the top surface of the Oakland Tribune Last month 2,1918, California residents assured on the eve of this year’s national and congressional elections: The voting of the security, if you put on your mask.

“Voters are guaranteed from the state and local health authorities do not have the dangerous infections of the flu in the past voting on Tuesday,”this story explained.

Query about the security of the title to a Packed hall vote is understandable. Another page one headline read The death toll from the sensor 39 within 24 hours. Across the country, Philadelphia The Evening Bulletin For a story about how the flu was”against the election system”as the polling day contact, and write to the investigators return with the word”deceased”written on the envelope.

“Election Day, November 5, 1918, came and went, without a single political rally or Campaign dinner,”Wisconsin Oshkosh Northwestern Report. Although it is difficult to assess the impact of the world wars of the cross-impact of the influenza outbreak, the turnout is November 5 election under way from 50. 4% in the previous mid-term elections of 1914 to 39. 9 per cent, in 1918. Election votes are counted, Republicans won full control of Congress, both the house and Senate for the first time in a decade.

The outbreak of disease epidemics and pandemics have always raised electoral issues. Some of the issues involved in the parties and candidates, as we remind the President Trump the strange reaction of the Coronavirus outbreak from wild changes,”Washington Democrats are trying to politicize the coronavirus,”he strolled recommended for those pursuing the impeachment and Removal(what he called”impeachment Scam”)are trying to score political points by discrediting his reaction.

“Think of it. It believes that,”the President told a South Carolina rally last week. “This is their new Scam.” Weeks ago The Daily Beast The title is”the Donald Trump of the activities of the coronavirus fears will hurt his re-election bid”and the day after tomorrow the stock market turmoil, CNN business Published,”the Cov of the cost may trump the elections, Goldman Sachs issued a warning.”

Because we get reports of increased The number of deaths, new cases in new places, and to close facilities such as the University of Washington in their efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, our attention must go beyond issues of political positioning calculation the question whether the voting process itself may be threatened.

This is about the coronavirus.

This is about how a state of imbalance and often dysfunctional voting system should be ready for a crisis that may require emergency response to maintain a fully functioning and reliable democracy. Pre-planning provides election officials selected in processing and power—by genuine health administrator or selfish politicians—to postpone the vote. Delayed occurred in the not too distant past:New York City’s Democratic mayor is mainly to stop after the voting has begun on 11 September, 2001, New Orleans mayoral election, scheduled for shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

In the middle of the man-made or natural disasters, this may be a brief extension is necessary to avoid extreme low turnout. In this case of an infectious disease threat, a back-up plan for a vote by mail or by other strategies is preferred and possible response. But to get the right things, the agreement and plan must be in place before a threat becomes a crisis.

Unfortunately, said U.S. Representative Mark Pocan, the Wisconsin Democrat has been outspoken in his criticism of Trump government response to the Coronavirus outbreak,”nothing, they even said to us on the election.”

Super Tuesday, vote to see the reaction of the Cov state and local election officials in the community where the case has been confirmed. For example, Eric Kurhi spokesman in Santa Clara County, California, Registrar of voters announced that his Agency is”to provide each voting center with the hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to use on a touch screen machine that we have. The following public health recommendations, we would urge people who feel sick to take this opportunity to mail in their ballot or dropped it in many of our pull boxes. However, we do not anticipate this will affect the voting center operations.”

Super Tuesday by only the usual problems—long waits, malfunctioning machines, slow down the count. However, on the next week with? And weeks later, as more countries held more primaries and Caucuses? What summer Convention of the Democratic Party in Milwaukee and Republicans in Charlotte as thousands of Delegates, alternates, journalists, and hangers will be the aircraft in from the country and around the world for? What about the day to hold the election?

Experts warned that the public health and economic challenges associated coronavirus likely to become more serious. “It’s not so much of a problem, if this will happen, but rather more of a problem when this happens as well as how many people in this country will have severe disease,”Dr. Nancy Messonnier, head of the National Center for Immunization and respiratory diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the delay. At about the same time, Dr. William Scharf Turner, an infectious diseases expert at Vanderbilt University said,”We should all be dust off our pandemic preparedness plans and rehearse them very quickly.”

In the plan needs dusting off, or the development of strategies to keep the Electoral time of crisis like, say, a pandemic. Warning what happens is sounded. In the year 2020, February Cable The title of the article”coronavirus may damage the 2020 elections. We need a plan,”Jon Stokes, Deputy editor ThePrepared.comThat”it is time for Americans to start considering how to put the national elections in the context of a pandemic, will certainly look at the voter turnout was greatly suppressed, especially in densely populated urban areas and vulnerable groups.”

Time Magazine strong tone of the electoral of the concerns and features an ominous warning:

Morris Turner, an expert on election security the Center for democracy and Technology, said that fears about Contracting the new coronavirus is only part of the battle. Officials and voters must also deal with the possibility of bad behavior was deliberately spread misleading information about the virus’s efforts to depress voter turnout, or the manipulation of its population turned out to vote.

The expansion of the existing scheme for voting by mail, the Stokes recommendations, the”one simple solution.” And there may be more correction, but now, as he reminds us, there’s just a gap. Although the laws of some countries for the postponement of the elections and contingency planning”falls in the latter some combination of the existing early voting, voting by mail and absentee voting options, in case of emergency,”we lack a”national plan for what to do about the election, if a Coronavirus outbreak that our city blocked and filled our hospital.”

“Look no further than the Iowa Caucuses,”said Pocan, who sit on the Labor, Health and Human Services and education Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. Noting that disaster occurs when failures of application programs and backup strategy, the stagnation of the calculation of the year of the first in the national vote, he said,”without a plan, things went wrong, which is confusing. And when we’re talking about Cov, we should do everything we can to avoid confusion.”

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