One of the Amazon’s most powerful critic of life in their own backyard

Washington representative Jasmine Jayapal walk the line when she arrives at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters on a cold day last October, to meet some of the company’s top managers.

She wants her to address the issue in private. When worn,though,Ms. Jayapal think she is a no result, she said, in her first extended interview about her relationship with Amazon. She will ask a question, just tell the managers is a no brainer the story has been reported.

Now, after several months of rising frustration in the company, she took her concern to the public. “I try to have these discussions,”she said,”but I’m at the end of the private line.”

Ms. Jayapal changing approach reflects the increasing criticism of Amazon. Last Friday, she participated in a two party legislators called on Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, testified before the General Assembly. A big part of the reason they want to heed their concerns, Amazon’s lawyers may have misled Ms. Jayapal heard during last summer.

Many progressive like Ms. Jayapal believes that the Internet of the huge use of staff and abuse their market power. These criticisms have become louder in the Cov of the popular, which makes the public more dependent on the Amazon store and put the staff to keep it humming in an intense pressure.

But no other state elected official, Ms. Jayapal of the liberal politics of a region full of Amazon employee of the enterprise can doubt her critics, but has become increasingly concerned about the company treatment of workers in its supply chain.

“Two things can be true at the same time,”Ms. Jayapal said. “A company can do a great job, is incredibly valuable and necessary, it can treat workers badly.”

Drew Herdener of Amazon spokesman disputed in the statement, Ms. Jayapal had engaged in good faith with the company.

“We have been trying to build a constructive relationship with the Representative Jayapal, but this has proved difficult to give her The seemed lack of interest to learn about our company facts,”Mr. Herdener said. “For example, she asked for about employees’ safety, but she refused our invitation to visit the fulfillment center to see for yourself, and choose instead to attack us in the media.”

Ms. Jayapal, 54 elected to the house in 2016 after a period of time as a state legislator and a career as an activist, Job Opportunities, has put her in with some major companies call Seattle home.

“When I came in, I made a circular appeal to everyone, I say,’Look, I know we haven’t always seen eye, but I represented the area and you are an employer in the area, I would like to hear what you have to say,'”she said.

She rose to become a co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a prominent voice of the National to leave.

“I feel some heartburn around the inconsistencies here with my frustration around the things I see some of the workers, and in fact I use the service,”Ms. Jayapal said.

She said she has been”cautiously”is how she handled her criticism. She said she thought she had”the responsibility of the staff is Amazon, because they are my voters, as well as the responsibility of the company to make sure that I’m trying to dialogue, at least in the judgment.”

However, by the autumn of last year, she has become more angry Ms. Jayapal said. After she asked the company for a meeting, her office said, Amazon sent a handful of people, including David Zapolsky, its General counsel.

The dialogue turned into a”tense”Ms. Jayapal said, when she outlined her concern to the staff of the security and other issues, including a report from an undercover journalist in the UK, employees have to urinate on bottled water, because the warehouse is limited in the bathroom.

“I really am just a reject, almost any of these things is true, any of these reports true,”she said. She said that Amazon executives had suggested”that someone are out to get us.”

Amazon said it had hoped to use the meeting to establish a relationship, Ms. Jayapal, describes Zapolsky Mr. as a progressive leader. The company said, Ms. Jayapal has been particularly focused in the UK report, which it says is incorrect.

Soon after, Amazon began backing City Council candidates against Seattle, the most liberal of legislators. Ms. Jayapal public rebuke of the company, to participate in the activities.

Her concern grew, as she spoke, and some of the Amazon staff about the conditions of the warehouse, she said.

Wherein Marcos Tower a principal user experience designer at Amazon who is forcing the company to address climate change and improve the working conditions in its warehouses. Shortly after Ms. Costa Ms. Jayapal last month, she and another internal event is fired.

Workers believe that triggered a revenge for their criticism. Amazon has already said they have been in violation of company policy; they say they have been told that they broke the rule against solicitation require employees to sign a petition demanding better conditions in the warehouse.

Ms. Costa said she and her fellow campaign is”very encouraged by the considerable support from elected officials and labor leaders,”including Ms. Jayapal.

Ms. Jayapal said she was troubled”in fact, they may have lied to me.” She said she had already discussed with reference to the Amazon lawyers criminal perjury investigation, among other options, the leaders of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust investigation into Amazon and other large technology companies.

“It’s just incorrect to say that Amazon is deliberately misleading our testimony,”said Mr. Herdener, the Amazon spokesman. “Although we do not believe that these claims by The Wall Street Journal is accurate, we take these allegations very seriously and has launched an internal investigation.”

Asked what she would tell a constituent to work for Amazon on her decision to take on the company directly to Ms. Jayapal is provided such that:

“We thank you for your work,”she said. “This is not about you. It is about how the management of Amazon and the company as a whole treats all of its workers.

Kate Satoshi contribution to the report, Oakland,Calif.

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