Ohio nearly all its bars and restaurants to slow down the Cov

As a Coronavirus picks up steam in the United States, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the state will shut down all its bars and restaurants Sunday night—let the human infection.

This is a powerful social distancing measures, which means keeping at least three feet away from the people, or to avoid the crowd. Infectious disease specialists, including those that help to eliminate the deadly epidemic before, say, social alienation, must be to slow the inevitable coronary the spread of the virus, which causes respiratory disease COVID-19.

“We will issue an order to close all the bars and restaurants in Ohio start at 9:00 Tonight,”DeWine, a Republican, Tweeted On a Sunday afternoon.

“Every day we delay, more people will die,”DeWine continued. “If we do not take action and get some distance between people, our health care system in Ohio, will not be held. The loss of not only those affected by the#COVID19, but the danger is there someone who needs hospital care for other problems.”

(Illinois, meanwhile, announced on Sunday that it will close the”inner meal”for two weeks.)

DeWine efforts intended to reduce pressure on the hospital—it can’t care for the future the rise of serious patients, especially people over the age of 60. Ohioans can still get their restaurants-the repair through the delivery, and buy beer in the store.

Due to a sad lack of testing in the United States, it is still unknown how many people are infected with the coronavirus, but the top of the epidemiologists know The number of”much higher” Not only is the report. There are more than 3 200 confirmed cases so far, in the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University, 37 is confirmed in Ohio.

The obvious problem with the bar Yes, Cov does not make people sick quickly. So people don’t know they are infected. About 80% of our experience mild symptoms— Or no symptoms at all. People may not even know they are sick for some five days.

“That man is flying, walking, and interaction,”said Mark Cameron, a scientist and contained in the 2003″SARS”epidemic in Canada. “They spread the virus do not realize they are sick.”

So this error is now a pandemic, social distancing is essential.

“Social distancing is a long way to go, in order to prevent the rapid spread of the virus,”sub-Iwasaki a Professor of immune biology at the Yale School of Medicine, told Mashable last week.

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