Odyssey, to re-establish a rare Jaguar E-Type from scratch

Marco Diez, industrial design under the tutelage of Los Angeles, with his owl 226—a unique recreation of the 1963 Jaguar Racing. It took nearly ten years to build and complete this year.


Jessica Pons, the Wall Street Journal

Marco Diez, in

46, industrial design under the tutelage of Los Angeles, in his owl 226, telling A. J. Baime.

I grew up in the Dominican Republic. No cool car. I’ve only seen them in movies and magazines. I was fascinated by it.

Finally I graduated from Notre Dame in the United States and began a career in construction and then Product Design. A few years ago, I started to build their own Project Cars. I do concept and design, my partner who make my dreams become a reality. I have built several cars, but the owl 226 is my first comprehensive project.

Photo: believe it or not, this is not a Jaguar

Marco Diez shows how he calls his owl 226, a handmade homage to the 1963 Jaguar

Marco Diez begin construction of the project car years ago, but his recreation of the 1963 49FXN Jaguar E-Type Racing Cars was his first the package not the project,’he said.

Jessica Pons, the Wall Street Journal

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The story began in the 1960s. Jaguar is having success with its E-Type sports car, but the car is impossible to compete with Ferrari and some other European manufacturers in the game. A private team out of the UK to build a lightweight version of the electronic type in 1963, and has been a great success. That car is called 49FXN, and still exists today. I like this story 49FXN, I was fascinated by the car’s beauty.

In 2009, I discovered an abandoned 1964 E type of the original license plate that read owl 226. I give the abandoned cars to a UK company called RS Board, go to the company who wants to establish a new mechanism of iconic retro sports cars. The RS Board is able to find the original team members of the campaign 49FXN in the 1960s, and with the original file, and started to build my car from scratch, take what they can from the waste-1964 E Type.

Another British company called Crosthwaite&Tiana provided the 3. 8-liter line six-cylinder racing engine based on the architecture of the 1960’s Jaguar Motors, the only modern metallurgy.

Original 1960’s car is strictly for racing—loud and proud. I want my car to have a level of perfection. Gorgeous leather, for example. I spent a year designing the face of the instrument, and with the British Royal Air Force aircraft of the switch on the dashboard. To piece together in the end, I worked with FastCars Ltd., in Manhattan Beach, California. I called the car the owl 226 after the license plate on the abandoned 1964E Type, started all this.

After nearly a decade of work, the owl 226 is completed this year. I just started driving. I drove it to the photo shoot for this story. When I was a kid in school, in the Dominican Republic, I used to Doodle in the car all day. I still Doodle, only now in three dimensions.

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Marco Diez is 46 years old. An earlier version of this article wrong showing that he is 43. (Dec. 23, 2019)

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