Obama warned that Trump’s action is a threat to our democracy

However, the special intervention measures on Thursday, the two presidents, his legacy will be forever entwined, and suddenly emphasize how this election, in the fourth year of a cliche, in fact the most important one of our lifetimes.

Obama’s Eulogy not only is he the most public intervention in the 2020’s activities or his most passionate condemnation of yet another successor to its highest priority is the eradication of Obama’s achievements, at home and abroad.

Speech, from the Church where Martin Luther once preached, also represents Obama’s most original, clear and unfettered disclosure about race on a prominent public stage for his entire political career.

In his 2008 campaign, he forcefully spoke of the racial prejudice, while seeking to heal the national trauma–and save his campaign when the press about his Association dispute Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And he shared an intimate part of his own experience and the spirit of the self-description of the country why the United States is black people upset the acquitted shooter of Trayvon Martin, as well as in broke into”Amazing Grace”, while the glorification of the parishioners, in Charleston, South Carolina Church suffered a mass shooting in 2015.

But Obama’s speech Lewis is urgent, and in the tone of an activist, not a treatment or an optimist has stated there is”not an American black”and”white America”.

It brought into the open conflict between the country’s first black President and a man who has made his name with the racist”birther”movement against Obama and run for re-election wrapped in the Confederate flag and the maintenance of the monument to civil war General fighting to preserve slavery.

Obama also provided the most prominent accounting to date of the race Wake up following the death of George Floyd with the cops knee on his neck, when ACE is trying to incite a white backlash to the protests by painting us in the grip of a wave of leftist”fascism”and”terrorists.”

And Obama’s speech to the provider the kind of inspiration, they lack since he left office, his reproduction, but also help encourage voters to see who the ACE of the vehicle for their opposition to President Obama. There are already complaints of conservative Twitter, Obama hijacked the funeral is installed on a divisive political discourse–an ironic figure to consider Lewis’s life story.

At the same time, ACE did not go through Louis’s honor, a man he once condemned as”Talk, Talk, Talk-no action”. But the other two of the former Chairman chose their side of history–Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton also served in the service.

Tweet echoed around the world

King of the float to postpone the election, despite the lack of authority to do so

The day began with a Trump floating the idea of delayed elections and the recycling of lies, postal voting is prone to massive fraud–in a tweet almost everyone has followed his presidency expected.

Obama, in tribute to Lewis,a civil rights hero, he was beaten to the brink of death, while ensuring the voting rights of African Americans, and then placed into Trump’s direct lineage of the old Deep South paranoia, and a stunningly clear move by the brand Trump’s race-baiting movement is a direct threat to the Republic.

“Bull Connor may be gone. However, today we witness with our own eyes the police kneeling on the neck of black Americans,”Obama said in the speech, cover up the note about the game, he had been primarily observed while in the office and identify synergies between the Civil Rights era and the black life Matter movement.

“George Wallace can go. However, we can see that our Federal government sent agents used tear gas and batons against peaceful protesters,”Obama said, in a clear reference to Trump’s”law and order”alarmist.

“We may no longer have to guess the amount of jellybeans tank in the polls. But even as we sit here, There are those in power, are doing them to get lost, to prevent people from voting–by closing polling places and for minorities and students with restrictive ID laws, and attack our voting rights with surgical precision, even the destruction of the Postal Service to run the elections, will be dependent on the mail-in ballot, so that people won’t get sick.”

What may be the politically most important line of his Eulogy of the Democratic Party, Obama called on the Senate amendments to end partisanship and gerrymandering, to ensure that everyone’s vote the final number.

“And if all that is required to eliminate the obstacle–another Jim Crow relic-in order to ensure that the God-given right of every American, then this is what we should do.”

‘The votes of all the missing’

Republicans openly challenge the King' s tweet on the delay of elections

Less than three hours later, ACE walked into the White House briefing room, and again condemned the stamp. He also reverse himself told reporters that he does not want to postpone the elections.

“But I don’t want to have to wait three months to find out the vote of all missing,”he said. “Smart people know,”ACE said. “Stupid people might not know this. Some people don’t want to talk about it.”

The President earlier tweet condemned by many Republicans of the General Assembly, not the President, set the Election Day.

Tweet obviously trying to limit the attention to alarming new data that shows that a staggering 32. 9%annual contraction of the economy in the second quarter in the Cov of the off-the-worst recession in history.

However, this does not mean that the President’s opinion, the alleged fraud any less harmful. There is no credible evidence that postal voting is rife with corruption. But his team have prepared a bundle of legal challenges that critics say is meant to cancel out millions of voters in the election, according to opinion polls, the President is currently losing badly.

That he should choose to enhance his claim to another morning of the funeral, Georgia Democrats devoted his life to expanding the franchise is a rich ironic.

The President’s intention is not very difficult to measure. He has been trying to build a plane to save the choice of their own should he lose in his efforts for a second term. But his tactics risk causing profound and lasting damage to the American political system. Believe that election is the essential Foundation of any democracy. Election, he lost but it will be considered illegal by his followers also to motivate the conservative base and to undermine the new President of hope, the restoration of national unity and the success of management.

However, it is also possible that Trump’s rhetoric, on Thursday, on-which again stressed that the authoritarian impulse is obvious that in his entire time in power-can further promote the more moderate independent voters.

‘We do not walk alone’

On Thursday, the extraordinary political theatre in the context of death and disease. 151 000 Americans died of epidemics, Trump’s first neglected, then the politicization and mismanagement. In his White House appearance, the President gloating about the outbreak of the Covid-19 in a foreign country, not a better job than he did in suppressing the first wave of infection.

This is another day, when the Trump way distinct from the ceremonial and solemn exhibit of the former President.

“This virus is said under control but new cases has been rising very significantly once again. So when you think someone is doing well, sometimes you have to keep your decision. You have to take your statement,”Trump said.

“Since the beginning of June, the daily number of new cases has increased of a factor of 14 times in Israel, 35 times 35 times–in Japan close to 30 times, in Australia, just to name a few examples,”he said.

The President’s comments is shocking is misleading. The Joint he referred to the much lower incidence of disease than we are and take a more proactive step, the inhibition curve of infection.

The United States, although only 4%of the world population, accounts for about 25% of the global coronavirus infection and has the highest number of deaths.

As the daily death toll is again match to 1,000 on Thursday on the king again made highly misleading claims about the rapid rise and rapid decline of the case in the Sun Belt of the country enduring a terrible crisis.

Obama, at the same time, that the teaching of Lewis’s life is political work to overcome complacency and fear.

“This is real courage. Not open, but by turning to another. Do not sow hatred and division, but by spreading love and truth. Not by dodging our responsibility for creating a better America and a better world, but by accepting these responsibilities, the joy and perseverance, and now, in our beloved society, we are not alone,”he said.

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