Noah Centineo will absolutely destroy you in a water fight


Some things we all know is good advice: never work with children or animals, never get involved in a land war in Asia, never start a water fight with the teen heartthrob.

Noah Centineo, the official Internet Boyfriend in 2018, it may be in The Tonight Show to promote All the boys 2But there is no way that the upcoming Netflix continued as sheer satisfaction, because looking at him repeatedly, filling more and more frustrated with Jimmy Fallon cold water.

What is the best point of this? It is Centineo’s joyful smile as he dumped the glasses of all your favorite suit Start With the crotch? Fallon almost hidden, may be quite real, the splash of trouble is a full flush? Bit soak collar middle-income countries hear static and go muffled and eyes like naughty children, I suppose, six cringe of the sound post?

If this was 2018 I would like to make a joke of thirst or get wet or something equally vulgar, but we have grown people.

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