‘No way home’impression: finally, some mindless space shooting fun

In Apple’s New Street No way homePoor Cho is stuck in the escape hatch in the depths of space the next explosion killed everyone in the budget of the Star cruise ship she is on. She needs to get back home to Earth, but she is clearly not even in the same The Milky Way.

“Would you like some smooth jazz while we wait for rescue?” Requirements man, her robot security Pod assistant.

Cho—a young mohawked woman flunked out of pilot learn NotThank you very much. Fortunately for our hero, the budget of Star Cruises at least do not skimp on the budget for her pod, equipped as it is with upgradable lasers, exploding boulders and bad guys and grapple, you can pull away the asteroid or hold the enemy presence, they tried to avoid her gunfire. Then is man himself, who floated her and fires off these two tutorials taps and automated secondary attack. If you must be lost in space, it could be worse.


After an hour with Cho,I like to think No way out As a powerful take on the Asteroids. Cho’s small craft in a circular direction around her, either hit the big space rock or riddle the hull of the ship of the pirate in pursuit of her. In addition, she can collect material to process more than 50 types of firearms used in about 60 different enemies, she can use the gate to jump between the various procedurally generated asteroids scattered paragraphs. Sometimes she will even have to fend off waves of enemies in order to grab the relics of a forgotten alien civilization, at the same time note that, however hot her gun or runs out her ship’s Shields.

On her leave time, she pulled into the space bar to pick up missions from shady deals and hobnob with the retirement of the rift, horror, who will now not pour drinks than to lay waste to the Space Fleet. There are a lot of things to do.

As you may have guessed, submachine gun Chamber of the game is the stupid way, Recalling Hitchhiker’s guide to the GalaxyI’m glad to see it. Man provides most of a faction, but you can only hear them from the long tentacles of Moss of the alien Cho met in the Star Bar, such as a personal blame she call him a foreigner, even if Her A stranger in these parts. No way home As a whole looks like a web comic to life with a hand-drawn aesthetic that reveals in everything from the chat window menu.

No way home the conversation Leif Johnson/IDG

Alien Cho met are very open-minded, considering she is what to do first contact a lot of people.

The timing could not be better. In the next few months, because Apple gave up the first 53 games, creative and occasionally Moody game like The manifold of the garden And Deep inside Have done a lot of the new version. This is the kind I referred to as the”artist game”in June last year, I still believe they are necessary to help Apple differentiate itself from other game platforms. However, even those of us who appreciate the art and creativity still sometimes just want to sit down and lose myself in something, so we can blast the pirate and space rocks for hours on end. What, in other words, it feels a lot like an actual Street Game. Like Apple Street Dim sword Or What is Golf?, No way home Do a lot of scratching.

If there is a itch No way home Instead of grabbing an hour, though, it is the one that has me craving the more interesting of the gun. When Cho sidles up a crafting station in the small bar,I basically just find better versions of guns I already have. I want to see the gun scattershot projectile or fire the laser, for that matter, I want to see Cho around to fight the bad guys something more interesting than a grapple(useful though it is).

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