No one like me’:Trump thinking about the epidemic popularity of Fauci and Bill Alex

But he said Fauci of the widely respected should be transferred to the ACE management-for their Forge work.

“I get along with him very well, I agree with a lot of things, he said,”ACE insisted.

“This is interesting: he has a very good approval rating. I like that this is good,”he said then. “Because remember: he’s working for the present management. His work with us. We can get the others. We can get someone else. It did not forge Dr. His work with our management. And for the most part, we have done what he and others–as well as Bill, Alex, Dr., and others-have suggested.”

Trump continued to say:”he’s got such a high approval rating. So why I don’t have a high approval rating and respect–and management–with respect to the virus? We should be very high.”

“Therefore, this oddly enough,”the King said,”a person to work for us, we work very closely, Dr. Fauci and Bill Fox Dr. also very highly thought of–however, they are highly thought of, but no one likes me?”

“It may be just my personality, that’s all,”he said.

In a series push-on Monday night, Trump retweets a fake claim, including a proposal Hydroxy Chloroquine is a rule of law more of the Cov and the tweet, called Fauci a”fraud.” Twitter took action, last week two, delete a few tweets also forwarded by Donald Trump Jr., His son, and restricted the young ACE of the account.
Food and Drug Administration has revoked the emergency use authorization of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19, he said they were not satisfied with”the statutory standard”for emergency use authorization, because they are unlikely to be effective in treating the virus based on the latest scientific evidence.
Although the King has insisted that he has a good relationship with the Forge, and he often tries to downplay the doctor’s warning, to oppose the re-opening of the country too quickly. The President has called Fauci”a little alarmist”and the White House has published comments made Forge in the early days of the epidemic, in a bid to discredit him.

CNN Chandelis precipitator contributed to this report.

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