Niantic confirmation of the large-scale evolution of the Pokémon to apply to the player of the existing Pokémon

Pokémon Go Large-scale evolution of the feature will apply to the player of existing Pokémon, the confirmation of Niantic(by Gfinity).

Senior Project Manager of the Matthews music dreams reveal more information in a new(non-listed)video Pokémon Go On YouTube channel. First, the level cap for players will be increased from 40 to 50. “We don’t want to experience the feeling of different past level 40 it has felt a level 40, explained:”Slemon, which would indicate that there is some form of challenge or statistics to prove a players passion Pokémon Go.

Secondly, Slemon covered by large changes, and confirm that the player wouldn’t need to catch new Pokémon, which will be capable of large development. “The existing spirit of today will be those large-scale development,”he said. “So a fire breathing dragon in you in the beginning of the game, your first Charmander your evolution in the community of the day, these are the viable candidates. They are large-scale development.” Third, Slemon guarantee that there will be”new features, new Pokemon and new events”in their own way to the game in the rest of the year.

Pokémon Go Is appear on IOS and Android.

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