New York Como to postpone the primary election to the Cov cases keep growing

(Reuters)-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Saturday he is postponing the country’s 28th presidential primary to June 23 as the number of coronavirus cases climbed to 52,318 and the number of deaths of 728.

“We are already behind, this virus from the first day. We are waiting to see what the virus do,”Como said in a press conference. “You can’t win on defense. You win the attack. You have to get ahead of it.”

The Governor has become a leading national voice in the coronavirus pandemic, the country has accounted for about one-third of American deaths and half of the known cases.

Como said he asked the pharmacy began offering the drug of homes is free. He also said that President Donald Trump has approved the construction of four additional temporary hospital locations in New York City, an increase of 4 000 hospital beds.

Reporting by Maria Caspani; Additional reporting Nathan Layne; Editing by Daniel Wallis

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