New to my world earth

Although some of you may be too young to remember(in this case Leave my lawn, you arrogant guy!), I the world use is quite different from the game we know and love today. Even if it is difficult to imagine a layer of Social no camels or turtles, they are not always present(Yes, I’ve checked). This is one of the things that makes it so great now I the world of the underground in it’s footsteps.

Exciting changes are coming, this is all thanks to you! Yes, Your! Enjoy, We Love player feedback, we’ve read all your suggestions on how we can improve the My world on the planet of experience. I have e-mail types to some of the interesting changes like making the interface completely gesture-based and has full TikTok integration. We have been hard at work preparing some new features that will make my world the Earth is more fun. Without further ADO…

Adventure of crystals

You know what’s better than heading out in search of adventure? With a stay at And adventure on your terms. Previously, these large tracts of my world is scattered throughout the map and you have to walk a fair bit to get them. This is usually NowBut in these strange and terrible times, going outside is probably not the best idea. Even in the normal case, sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the houseā€“that is good. Due to these new Adventure of crystalsYou can now mine, fight, loot, whenever and wherever as long as you want.

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