Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ sets reunion special

Send the dancing shrimp! And a therapist.

Send the dancing shrimp! And a therapist.

Image: netflix

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In true romantic fashion, Love is blind Is get a reunion.

On Wednesday, it should be announced in the escape nightmare want strangers to enter more and more engaged in the sight unseen—and then emotionally devastating each other Bachelor pad-Like to travel to Cancun–will once again force its participants to awkwardly interact.

A week after the series finale. 27, the hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey will interview Love is blind‘s(probably)very unhappy couple in a Mar. 5 special set to air on the YouTube channel.

The audience can expect all twelve members of the main cast to answer questions such as”do you have any regrets?”,”and What is like watching your own television?”,” Who is actually still married?” In addition, they will reveal”more unexpected twists and revelations, from the entire season.”

Based on the promo photos,we guess the things Amber and Barnett is OK(???), Mark and Jessica are toast, and Lauren and Cameron happily married. However, in giannina wine and Damian’s position is anyone’s guess, as well as the entire diamond and Carlton thing? Woof.

Shot in 2018, grab the”wedding”tomorrow on Netflix. Then brace yourself just shot the reunion special to see it all shook out.

Love is blind Is now streaming on Netflix.

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