NATs’Ryan Zimmerman,Joe Ross between the first MLB players to opt out of the 2020 season

The announcement is from Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, Merrick,and Ross and Zimmerman—does anyone know any medical problem, it will qualify them as high-risk, this will ensure that they still pay for 2020 years in just a few hours on Monday afternoon and reflected the concerns among some players recognize the risk of playing baseball in a global pandemic may be no more than a reward in all circumstances.

“After a lot of thought and my family situation—three young children, including newborns and mothers at high risk—I have decided not to participate in the 2020 season,”Zimmerman,35,said in a statement Monday. “…I can’t speak for anyone else, but given the unusual nature of the season, this is the best decision for my family, my real understanding of[national]understanding and support.”

National also issued a statement from General Manager Mike Rizzo, to confirm Zimmerman and Ross opt out”for personal health and safety of themselves and their loved ones.” The Nationals, Rizzo said,”are one hundred percent support their decision not to play this year.”

The 2020 season, and then, for the first time in the history of the Nationals, not including Zimmerman, has long been considered to be the face of the franchise. He joined the Nationals in the 2005 first season in Washington after they moved to Montreal, and continue to get more than 1. 37 million dollars in total compensation by 2019, making two All-Star teams, and started all seven games at first base, in the 2019 World Series, when the Nationals beat the Houston Astros to the franchise’s first championship.

Zimmerman signed a one year, $ 2 million contract with the Nationals last winter why is estimating for a farewell season, but in his statement Monday, he said he did not rule out playing in 2021.

“To be clear, I am not retired at this time,”Zimmerman’s statement said. “I haven’t decided my future in baseball over the past the year 2020. But this year, I’ll stay safe at home and pull as hard as any guy to defend our championship.”

Baseball is the support of an unknown opt-out this week to open the camp near. According to health and safety protocols percussion Major League Baseball teams and players of the Federation during the last week, only those players considered to be high risk—because of preexisting medical conditions would make them vulnerable to Cov—will receive their pay and service time, if they choose to opt out.

“I don’t have a right or wrong answer; it is everyone’s personal choice.” “At the end of the day, make a player feel comfortable in the Essentials field day in my case, more importantly—feel comfortable to go home every day feeling they could not put anyone in danger?”

Zimmerman’s $ 2 million salary for the year 2020 shall be the prorated share of $ 740,740 for a 60-game season the terms of the January agreement between the MLB Players Federation over salary.

Ross, 27, is the leading contender for the Nationals’fifth starting job this season, he will earn$555,555—prorated from his original salary of$1.5 million dollars. More importantly, he will have any service times this season, which will delay his free Agency beyond 2022, when he is due to be obtained for the first time.

Lee,32,stands to lose the most in terms of salary; he was initially due to make 16 million dollars this season, or around 5. $ 5 million in prorated salary of 60-game season. Lee’s contract also contains a mutual option for $ 18 million in 2021, this will result in a $ 5 million acquisition, if it is not exercising.

Because they are in Alliance with major contracts, three players received$286,500 per person for a total pool of $ 170 million in advanced salary to cover April and May from the March agreement.

“In this global epidemic, Mike and his family have been many discussions about the hit this season,”Lee the agent, Danny Horwits said in a statement. “They took numerous factors to consider, many of which are personal to him and his family. After thorough consideration, he has chosen to quit playing in the year 2020. This is not an easy decision for Mike. He wished the best of luck and health, and his Diamondbacks teammates this season he thought of 2021.”

Jesse Dougherty contributed to this report.

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