National Weather Service Warns of Excessive Heat in Parts of U.S.

PArt of the American South is expected to reach record-breaking temperatures over the weekend, the National Weather Service warning.

The heat will likely expand North into the lower Great Lakes and interior New England. Heat Advisory and excessive heat warning are role in the blockbuster of the United States, from Southern California, Alabama, each of the nuclear-weapon States. Part of Florida, especially in the South, you can reach the record high temperature.

Temperatures will rise to even higher, in the Southwest, may reach 110 degrees every afternoon, until Sunday. In some places the desert heat reaches or exceeds 120 degrees, according to the The nuclear-weapon States Phoenix.

Temperatures, is expected by the nuclear-weapon States to last through Sunday, with a possible extension into next week in the West Texas Eastern New Mexico.

People in the area heat Advisory and warning, should avoid outdoor activities, keep moisture in and air conditioning of the housing, the NWS said.

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