NASA’s new Jupiter image is a person

Some 484 million miles of the Cov-troubled planet is a gas giant Jupiter, its storms, the grandeur of the atmosphere.

One of the latest images of NASA’s Juno spacecraft sends back to Earth showing the Earth seen of the tempestuous North. Juno capture it. 17 in a”close to”swing by Jupiter, this means that Juno is some 15,610 of the above these clouds.

Jupiter, wow.

Jupiter, wow.

Image: NASA/JPL/Southwest Research Institute/area of the/

The image of Gerald Eichstädt

Of particular interest in the swirling clouds and cyclonic storms is a thin, hazy band, which runs from top to bottom of the image.

They are atmospheric particles floating above Jupiter’s name, and the turbulent dark clouds. “Scientists do not yet know exactly what these haze is made of or how they form,”writes NASA.

A complete set of Juneau image of Jupiter—the”king of planets”—can be found here.

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