NASA astronauts celebrate Hanukkah from space, showing festive socks

She took the Chanukah celebration to new heights.

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir marks the first night of the eight day holiday on Sunday by posting an image of her festive socks from the International Space Station.

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Photos—take a viewing station module represents the Meir of the menorah and the star of David-printed socks, seem to be dangling on the side of the Earth.

NASA’s Hubble point amazing’PINWHEELING’the Milky Way

“Happy Hanukkah to all those celebrating it on the ground! #HappyHanukkah,”she wrote.

NASA spots of the universe’candy cane’in the Milky Way

Meir, who arrived at the space station in late September, is expected to spend more than six months.

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She participated in the historic first all-female-spacewalk in October, with other astronauts Christina Koch.

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