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Cup of Joe has been running for 13 years(!) Therefore, we have decided that each week we will highlight one of the most popular posts from the past. Here is one of our favorites,originally published in the July 2, 2019. Although we can’t get now, I still wear these clothes on a tight rotation of a normal life(you’re wearing what?)…

How do you typically travel? I have come up with a pretty consistent list, in my adult life, and for our trip, visiting my grandmother in Cornwall, we need to mix and match the pieces, because of the unpredictable weather. Here’s what I Packed(I’d love to hear what your go-tos!)…

1. My friend Susan once suggested packing the red dress because red looks good in the photo. I remember with this soft red sweater(US 23!).

2. All warn’t in this slim cotton t-shirt. It is super soft and suitable, you can layer it with anything.

3. Long sleeved t-shirt, there is a big square, for the stratification. (This also relates to in seven pretty colors.)

4. I have this black cashmere sweater years, if I calculate cost per wear, it cost me a penny. Oversized fit feels relaxed jeans and clothes.

5. This shirt is made of crepe, this means that it never wrinkles. You can wear it out to dinner or for just knocking around. The perfect travel shirt!

6. A simple dress, a drink in the evening(my grandmother called it”drink point”), or if we eventually go to a better restaurant.

7. Soft, chunky, what more could you want in a sweater? In this regard, I Down number is made of natural undyed Spanish yarn.

8. Surprisingly, this trench coat I found on sale a while back, is the clothing items, cause the most compliments by far. Not fancy clothes. Not a pair of jeans. But the trench coat. I love it! Bonus: you can easily turn it into a handbag and take it anywhere.

9. Pants the overnight flight and the afternoon of Hiking—they’re slim fit so they don’t really look like sweatpants and you really feel pulled together.

10. Wrinkle-free pajamas to sleep in at night and around the filling.

11. Levi wedge heel super flattering And Super comfortable. Done it.

12. I always pack a tote to my suitcase, because they are so easy to travel—the beach supplies, shopping trip, grab the groceries for the group, and the like. And so on. This is the number of flowers does the trick!

13. I realized that my dear old Navy sandals have two straps and die, but these slides are very, very similar. Update: two strap back in stock!

14. While, because they pair with jeans, shorts, dresses, anything.

All in all, a week in the UK, I Packed three sweaters, three shirts, a dress, trench coat, pants and jeans, sandals, sneakers, windbreaker, pajamas, tote bag. You can mix and match everything. In addition, of course, I brought some underwear and a ThirdLove bra; and my everyday makeup and skin care products. That’s it!

How do you pack to travel? I’d love to hear…

P. S. how to pack without wrinkles and a resort of the error.

(Top photo of Anton and me. Trench coat wine, jeans by Levi’s and sandals from Old Navy.)

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