Movies Anywhere launched its own characteristics together with the watch

Movies Anywhere, Disney-owned digital movie lock, has recently started to allow the user to lend the video to their friends, is going further, allowing the audience to set up remote viewing parties.

Following in the footsteps of such video streaming services as Hulu and complex, The Movies Anywhere new Watch Together feature is compatible with any movie in cinema anywhere in the lockers, and it works in all the services of a variety of applications, including those for the operating system and smart TV.

Nine viewers can participate in the film any place where to see the parties over a period of time, and those in the group can respond to the operation of emoticons, although(unfortunately)not with the text chat. Table together with the host to get control the movie playback, while the guests in the room can request the auspices of the pause, rewind, or fast forward the video.

And you can invite anyone to any place the movies to see the parties by sending them a room code or a web site, your guests will need to skip some turns before they can start looking.

First of all, see together with the guests, regardless of the need to inject their Movies Anywhere account or to establish a new and additional restrictions on their Movies Anywhere in the configuration file must be placed in a PG-13 level or higher.

Movies Anywhere Watch app Movies Anywhere

Nine people can watch the movie anywhere in the title, but they need to have the shadow lock in their movie collection anywhere, or to three of them can borrow the film, by Screen upload function.

More importantly, you and all your guests must be in one way or another—have access to any place of the movie title you want to co-viewing.

For example, you and your friends can join one of the Movies Anywhere watch parties, if everyone in the group has purchased the movie through the Movies Anywhere or lock it by redeeming the code(typically from a Blu-ray disc) on.

Another option is to borrow movies, three people with the Movies Anywhere new screen upload function. Those who received the screen by will have up to 14 days of access to the films and 72 hours to watch once they press”play.” The only”choice”the movie anywhere in the title is eligible on the screen by the program, but right now, the list of ineligible films include a movie and wonder Star Wars Legend.

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