Mike Pence introduced to take the Cov of the test

Penny and Second Lady Karen Pence are tested negative for the virus Saturday afternoon after a member of staff, his office tested positive.

“The test is quick, but it is quite a number of the sinuses is uncomfortable,”Pence said in a White House news briefing. “This may be a good opportunity to once again say that any Americans are watching, if you have no symptoms you do not need to test.”

Pence told reporters that his staff people tested positive for the coronavirus is”doing well,”was”mild”cold symptoms a day and a half, not in the White House since Monday.

ACE 33 false claim about the Cov of the crisis in the first two weeks of March

Described the testing process as”kind of a pinch,”Pence said Sunday the test”species of invasive, however, our thanks for the support.”

He noted that in the Walter Reed National Medical Center, where he participated in the test, the process is evolving. He was able to get the results of his Test so quickly, because the laboratory Walter Reed is able to be analyzed.

Penny describes the process for us has been lagging behind other advanced countries in the test for the virus. Former government officials and public health experts have noted a series of policy and program decisions, they say hindered the national response to the epidemic.

There are at least 32,149 cases of the disease in the country, according to CNN Health Statistics, the United States case, the detected and tested in the United States by the U.S. Public Health System. At least 400 people have died.

As a result, President Donald Trump said earlier news conference, the Federal government has activated our National Guard units of the three countries hardest hit by the new coronavirus–New York, California and Washington state.

“And by(the Federal Emergency Management Agency), the Federal government will Fund 100% of the cost of the deployment of National Guard units to be approved by the mission to stop the virus, and these governors continue to stay in command,”the President in the White House briefing.

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