Microsoft to preview the new corporate only the telemetry select Windows 10

Microsoft last week launched a preview of a new enterprise the only option for this window’remote sensing reaches the Redmond server.

Choose not to give a formal label, in the July 23rd announcement, but the registration site is the definition of”data processing service for Windows and the enterprise”–a mouthful, even for Microsoft, called the endless ownership.

Marissa Rogers, the privacy officer is responsible for Windows and Microsoft browser, pointed out that businesses and other organizations–universities, for the most part–there are now two options for what time their computer report, Raymond “enterprise customers have two choices in managing their Windows 10 of the Diagnostic Data: 1)allow Microsoft to controller data…or 2)turn off the diagnostic data flows.”

The second option–now called”diagnostic data”but the front is marked with a vague”security”is only available to users of the Windows 10 Enterprise, and Windows 10 for education, the most expensive of the various SKUs(stock keeping units). The other set of telemetry gathering Microsoft is more like”diagnostic data”for some reason has been from three to only two:”the diagnostic data required”and”optional diagnostic data”, the latter of harvest more information and a wider variety of information than the former.

Due to early 2019, the default, has data required for diagnosis, the previous name for the”basic”settings.

Keep the data

New telemetry set will allow companies to continue to collect data from their computers, but these data will Not Can by to Microsoft for analysis. “According to this approach, Microsoft will act as a data ProcessorProcessing Windows Diagnostic Data representative of the controller(Emphasis in original), “Writes Rogers.

“Treatment”and”control”–Yes, the terms of use of the GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) data protection and privacy laws and subsequent regulations apply to the European Union. (Microsoft defined the terms, as well as other relevant GDPR, online.)

It is unclear whether Microsoft, as the processor will have access to the data or can use it in some way. A clue that this may not be in the preview of the sign-up form, which requires the customer to acknowledge that”for the device to join the public preview program, you will not have access to features such as desktop analysis and update of compliance.”

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