MiB: employment of pound the table

When James Mans be employed, GMOs, co-founder and chief strategist Jeremy Grantham called him”pound the table”of the time, he believes that”things got cheaper”, or any time an opportunity appears.

“Pounding the table”is what Mans have been doing recently. A member of GMO’s Asset Allocation team, Mans his useful 35%sold last month to promote the purchase of inexpensive stocks. He thought,”Emerging markets looking for really, really cheap“And”Europe is looking pretty damn exciting good.” Because of his enthusiastic assessment:”This is one of those examples where prices and fundamentals are dislocated.”

Part of our discussion included the impact of worry about the investment. Mans referred to a study of people with damage to their amygdala. This leads these people actually make better risk-based decision-making, that is since emotion and fear. He wrote a piece on this point, the so-called”Fear and the psychology of a bear market.”

In joining GMO in 2009, he won the common global strategy at Société Générale. Mans has written several books, including”Behavioural investing: a doctor’s guidance, to apply financial behavior“;”Behavioural Finance: insights into the irrational minds and markets”and”The Little Book of behavioral investing.”

His favorite books are in here’s the recording of our conversation is available here.

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Next week, we with Christopher Whalen, an investment Bank and fed ex fellows. He is the author of Inflated: how money debt built the American dream.

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