MIB: Brian Kelly, The Points Guy

This week, we talk to Brian Kelly, better known as The”Points Guy.” Kelly the interest the credit card company and airline points, and turn it into a substantial media business, has 60 staff members and 7 million unique visitors a month.

When he was 12, Kelly booked a trip for his family to Grand Cayman Islands using only point his father to work. He eventually started charging friends $ 50 book, they travel. But TPG is a side show, until a New York Times article the launch of the website into another level. This eventually led to their first million of income, as well as his sales, the company is a”life changing amount”到BankRate.com (now owned by Red Ventures).

这点Guy.com Yes start partners Chase Sapphire card with JP Morgan Chase, is perhaps the most successful credit card launch. The card not only sold out, JP Morgan Chase ran out, the use of metal to do this. It was announced by J. P. Morgan with a link to the point of the guy standing, and help blow up the company even more.

We also discussed Kelly’s travel tooth secret: he always has a laptop/ac submit a film, audio broadcast and TV section—you can’t rely on the onboard entertainment system, if you are stuck somewhere in the time you can keep yourself entertained. He has a dual Sim card iPhone11, which allowed him to use the phone just about anywhere in the world. The Google Network is his cell phone provider outside. Equally important stressful trip these days: a guided meditation app Insight Timer. He also explains the”how to package” – his practice is called”Stack&fold”Kelly explains why this is better than the volume method.

Kelly perform a”Wallet audit“In me he liked my American Express Platinum(TPG best business card) and, of course, the Chase Sapphire reserves(TPB: the best personal card/3 times the points on travel,hotel). He suggested that I change my basic Chase card of any fee Chase Freedom Unlimited card, because it’s 1. 5 times to everything else.

His favorite books, where you can see a recording of our conversation will be offered here.

You can stream/download the full conversation, including podcast extra Apple iTunes, Overcast, Music, Google, Bloomberg and the seam. All our earlier podcasts on your favorite pod main can be found here.

Next week, we talk too Benkendorf, CIO at Vontobel quality growth boutique management$33 billion dollars(please note that he replaced the existing MiB tourists of Rajiv Jain as the Chief Information Officer). Vontobel management $110 billion,and 1,700 employees.

Brian Kelly favorite books

The car life: lessons learned from 15 years as Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company By Robert Iger

Super pump: the battle for Uber By Isaac Michael

Mighty Be Our powers: how Sisterhood, prayer, and sex changed a nation at war By Leymah Gbowee

The book mentioned

Bad Blood: The Secret and located in the Silicon Valley startup By John Carreyrou

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